Nintendo has blocked 1300 songs on YouTube

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

People love music from Nintendo games and love to listen to it even while they are playing Nintendo games. For this reason, a number of YouTube channels are popular that publish this music, and one of them is GilvaSunner who has a really amazing collection of music from Nintendo games.

However, Nintendo doesn’t like that people like to listen to music from Nintendo games until they play Nintendo games. So now they intend to block videos on YouTube that contain music from their games. The GilvaSunner thus received over 1,300 blockades from Nintendo in one day. Music from games such as Super Mario Galaxy or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword can no longer be listened to on his channel.

It is undeniable that Nintendo as the owner of the music has the right to ban its reproduction on YouTube. But on the other hand, it looks like Nintendo wants to ban listening to music from games outside of the games themselves. The mentioned channel did not monetize the disputed content, he wasn’t making money on music composed by the Nintendo team, so money isn’t an issue in this case. The money would probably not be a problem for those who enjoy listening to Nintendo’s music if Nintendo offered them the opportunity to buy it or pay for legal streaming.

Albums with music from Nintendo games exist, but they are most often exclusive to the Japanese market and are harder to reach for most fans. Unlike other game producers and publishers, Nintendo never publishes music from its titles on streaming services like Spotify.

The truth is that with Nintendo devices you can have a lot of fun and exercise. They probably want more users to use the Nintendo device. Nintendo is neither the first nor the last to protect its content for its devices. Unfortunately, when you delete your YouTube channel, you can’t do much and it probably stays deleted forever.

Nintendo is great and if you really want to enjoy everything it has to offer, get Nintendo devices, offer something new every year and you can guarantee a good time.

Don’t use other people’s content on YouTube because there is a high chance that they will block and delete your channel and question your email address. We all know how good music is from Super Mario and we always have nostalgia when we hear it. However, it marked a period of our lives.