“NO JOKE, WE WILL ALL DIE”: What will happen if Bitcoin becomes the main currency around the world ?!

Photo Credits : André François McKenzie | Unsplash

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is at its highest level since their appearance in 2009, and the reason for such a thing can be found in the fact that their value has increased significantly since the beginning of 2021.

Although the market has stabilized, and the most popular cryptocurrencies have experienced a decline in value, the craze around them does not stop.
Lately, there has been more and more talk about the negative impact of cryptocurrencies, especially the most valuable digital coin, Bitcoin. In some countries, their mining is banned, while statements about how Bitcoin is harmful to the environment are also advocated.

Now we have received perhaps the most extreme opinion about the most popular cryptocurrency, it is not enough to say that many were shocked by the words of the Chinese economist and assistant director of the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University, Qu Qiang.

He was asked to comment on what the worst-case scenario would be and what systematic shock the current financial system would suffer if Bitcoin became the main currency in China and the rest of the world. Qiang replied: “If people and society accept Bitcoin as the ultimate type of currency, I can tell you exactly what will happen as the worst-case scenario. We will all die, it’s not a joke!