No Man’s Sky will continue to receive updates

Photo Credits : Hello Games / Promo

No Man’s Sky may have been around for a few years, but if the developers have their way, it’s far from dead. Because the team wants to continue to provide their game with major updates in the long term and, according to their own statements, still has lots of ideas for the future.

After a – to put it mildly – complicated release, No Man’s Sky has now developed into a game that can gather a large and loyal fan base. To keep it that way, the developers regularly provide their community with new updates. Version 3.8 was only recently released and has added various new elements and features to the game. But that’s not the end of it, because the team around studio founder Sean Murray still has big plans for No Man’s Sky.

Developers have a large list of new features

“As many updates as we’ve released since launch and as many things we’ve ticked off our bucket list, our list of things, up which we’re excited about never seems to get any shorter. The team is always coming up with new ideas to implement in the game: new content and features and things that we can still improve. It amazes me that our energy level is still so high We don’t talk publicly about the things on the list, but we can say we’re far from done.”

For Murray, the game is like a picture his team painted with rough brushstrokes, and the updates add finer lines and details, but also more rough strokes as well. So No Man’s Sky is going to be bigger and more elaborate in the long run. Those who are slowly losing interest in the space game can also be happy because the studio is currently working on a new, still nameless title that is in an early stage of development.

In other news, as previously announced, the next edition of Next Fest has started on the Steam platform. As the organizers themselves said, this is a multi-day celebration of the upcoming games. What attractions are prepared?

Do you remember the time when most games could be tested before the premiere thanks to the demo versions? Next Fest focuses on them, in this case, it is over … 700 items. In addition, the considered event includes numerous live broadcasts, which will most often be realized by the creators of individual titles. The next Fest, more precisely this edition, ends on February 28.