One-Developer Project is getting a lot of attention

Photo Credits : Progorion / Promo

With Computer Tycoon, a one-developer project is currently getting a lot of attention. The title is somewhat reminiscent of Mad Games Tycoon and should appeal to the same target group. Instead of games, however, computer systems are developed and the history of development is also related.

If you want to make history as a game developer, turn to Mad Games Tycoon. And a very similar approach to computing now exists in the one-man project Computer Tycoon. Here, too, one founds one’s future empire in a garage at the time when disco music dominated the charts and computers became household-friendly. The comparison to Mad Games Tycoon may be shaky, but the target groups of both games are likely to be quite similar, which is why it will be drawn.

In comparison, Computer Tycoon works a little differently, just to take the whole topic into account. Hardware has to be developed and configured, this requires software and the management of the sales markets on a world map. On the way to the year 2034, the task is to produce the best hardware and operating systems and to dominate the market. With a bit of luck, you can also become a legend.

Computer Tycoon is in Early Access and can still be considered alpha. The basic gameplay is already working, but there are still features to be improved and implemented, some of which are already fixed. So far, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the players. On Steam, 632 players have voted “very positive” at the current time. Computer Tycoon is a long-term project by a single developer. Whoever chooses the title today also chooses the path and not just the destination.

Having been in development for some time, the title recently received attention via social media, which washed it up on the Steam home page. The developer reports on Twitter that in the wake of the spotlight it also took a night crunch to fix a graphical glitch. If you feel unsure, the developer recommends a Let’s Play that shows the current development status and explains the content.

In other news, in less than a month, Ubisoft wants to release another DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with Dawn of Ragnarök. This time, the player takes the role of Odin in the dwarf world of Svartalfheim, where numerous giants are up to mischief.

In 2022, more than a year after the release, Ubisoft is still developing further DLCs and content for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The start for this year will be on March 10th. Then the company wants to publish the new expansion “Dawn of Ragnarök” and move the Viking adventure deep into Norse mythology.