Patriot: New Viper Venom DDR5 modules with RGB presented

Photo Credits : Videocardz / promo

Currently, not only graphics cards are behind, but RAM is also affected. While the DDR4 modules can be obtained in larger quantities at fair prices without any problems, things look worse with the new DDR5 memory. Despite extremely high prices, it is currently hard to get. Read the following about the presentation of new DDR5 modules that are to be released soon.

With Intel’s Alder Lake, DDR5 memory has also found its way into the desktop segment. It is clocked much higher than DDR4 memory, has slacker latencies and lower voltages. Above all, there is currently a problem with DDR5 memory, it can hardly be bought. It is also common for early adopters to usually pay more than the general public, who take a while to switch. However, even in our price comparison, there is currently no DDR5 memory available for money or good words.

Patriot’s Viper Venom

Regardless of this background, Patriot has presented its new DDR5 modules, which should be available from the first quarter of 2022. The Viper Venom kits are said to be available with clock rates of 2,400 to 3,100 MHz and will be sold in kits of 16 and 32 GiB. The declared target group of the storage experts are PC gamers and enthusiasts. The actual memory chips are completely covered by heat spreaders. The Venom heat spreaders are available with and without RGB lighting. Unsurprisingly, the modules are said to have been specially optimized for Intel’s current platform, the only DDR5 platform to date. The Viper modules should also be particularly stable thanks to a ten-layer PCB and be able to guarantee high signal integrity.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly which latencies and memory chips the modules have. The memory modules are not yet listed in the price comparison, and there is also no known RRP for the Viper-Venom kits.