People make a lot of money with NFT

People make a lot of money with NFT

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We have been in blockchain technology for some time now, so besides cryptocurrencies, we now have NFT tokens that are becoming very important news for everyone because everyone can create this. NFT are irreplaceable tokens and they represent the definition of digital assets. We are moving into the digital imaginary world.

What is NFT and can you make your own?

NFT was first recorded in 2016. NFT tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain technology, they are non-fungible and cannot be replaced by some other such values. NFT tokens can be graphics, art paintings, music and more.

OpenSea offers an enormous selection of GIFs, animations, images and simple graphics solutions. There you can earn a large sum of money through NFT tokens. Opensea is one of the largest markets for nft tokens. Irreplaceable tokens are data units, more precisely digital files based on blockchain, but it is important to say that access to any copy of the original file is not limited to the owner of the token. Although the digital files are infinitely repeatable, the NFTs that represent them are tracked on their base blocks and provide customers with proof of ownership of the NFTs.

NFT principle is based on uploading digital materials to the Ethereum blockchain, this procedure codifies the NFT, which later leads to the establishment of price, ownership and transfer records, that prevent digital forgery or file replication. Once shipped, NFT will last permanently on the blockchain as long as the system itself is operational. Artists must register a copyright for their work, for security reasons. If they ever need to take legal action against counterfeiters. Although it seems like an incredible thing that could still be applied around the world. NFT has also met with some criticism from the technological and environmental community regarding energy efficiency precisely because the value of these tokens is based on Ethereum and Bitcoin whose mining consumes a huge amount of electricity in the world. They certainly included that in the price.

Interesting facts

Recently, the kitty NFT collection has experienced the biggest boom. People who bought any kitty in previous years are now selling it for a lot of money. There are still those who will pay a lot for their new kitty.

Considering everything, why not be creative and create at least one of your cool crypto kitty collections. Every day on social networks, you can see how people made beautiful money forests because they created their artistic creation in the form of nft.

This is just one example of how digitalization is changing and setting new perspectives. We already have everything we need and that is imagination. We can always learn something new and get more informed about everything. Unfortunately, there will always be someone who wants to hack something, but the digital world has space for everyone and there is not much privacy. To buy or sell NFT you need a special wallet and it is very often in the place of scams and hackers, be careful.

The video below explains how NFT works. It is very useful and shows all the advantages of this token. The real question is, are you one of those people who thinks this is a waste of money or sees the future in this?