Play to Earn will become the future of games

Play to Earn will become the future of games

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The Play to Earn concept is becoming increasingly popular, and this way of playing could become dominant in the gaming market in five years.

In five years, the video game market will be completely different and the way games are played will change completely. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian at least believes in something like that. This serial entrepreneur has so far invested in a number of projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies and believes that crypto will dominate the video game market in a few years.

Instead of classic games that are free or we even pay to enjoy them, in the future we could make money on games. Already today, there are games where gamers earn various tokens during their time in them, which they can then use within the games themselves, but also exchange for real cryptocurrencies that they can sell for money. One such game is Axie Infinity where tokens can be used to buy Ronin cryptocurrency.

Ohanian spoke about such a future of the gaming market during one of the last episodes of the podcast Where it Happens: 90 percent of people will not play games unless they are properly rewarded for their time. In five years, you’ll value your time properly, and instead of collecting your data or paying dollars to buy stupid hammers that you don’t actually own, you’ll play games that will be just as much fun, but you will earn some value with them and you will be the ones who collect things. That collection he mentions refers to crypto tokens that gamers will then use further in the game to buy virtual items or exchange for cryptocurrencies.

What will happen in five years is hard to predict, but the GameSpot points to problems with the Axie Infinity game as more gamers have been shown to earn tokens instead of reusing them in games, selling them and putting money in their pockets.

Ohanian is not alone in his thinking about the future of play to earn games, and EA CEO Andrew Wilson, Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two, has shown interest in the concept, while Square Enix’s Yosuke Matsuda has previously commented that gamers will stop playing games over time, just for fun. They will also play them to make money on them.

This is already a great opportunity for the younger population, which earns a lot this way. Many people have a dream come true and can earn much more by playing games than in some jobs. The question is whether this will remain so or will change over time.

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