Raptor Lake-S with DDR4: Also Alder Lake successor according to Leak with support for both RAM standards

Photo Credits : Intel

The Youtuber and Twitter user “Moore’s Law is Dead” announced that Alder Lake‘s successor Raptor Lake-S also supports DDR4 memory and corresponding motherboards. Since Raptor Lake-S maintains the Socket 1700 platform according to the current state of knowledge, other leakers had already joined this assumption. According to “Moore’s Law is Dead”, however, “conspiracy theories” have recently been buzzing through the net. They say that Intel is making DDR4 motherboards obsolete with Raptor Lake-S. “No, they don’t,” emphasizes the leaker in his tweet.

Raptor Lake-S with DDR4: Alder Lake S successor allegedly with more efficiency cores

According to leaks, Intel is moving even more towards hybrid with Raptor Lake-S. And so the number of arithmetic hearts would be increased in the first place. We are talking about up to 24 cores with the same TDP classes. 8 “P-cores” would be compared to twice as many “E-cores”, specifically no longer 8P + 8E-cores, but an 8P + 16E combination. Also compared to Alder Lake-S IPC, Turbo-Boost and L2-Cache should increase.

Against this background, it seems realistic that the Z690 motherboards are currently on the market, and the planned H670, B660, and H610 motherboards can also accommodate Raptor Lake-S: regardless of whether they are DDR4 or DDR5 models. So early before the release, supposedly Intel will bring Raptor Lake-S to the public at the end of 2022, but ultimately all information should be treated with caution. In fact, it would not be the first time that actually identical sockets or PCHs and their processors are or are being made incompatible with one another. But even that would only be speculation in the context of Alder and Raptor Lake S.

By: Olivia J.