Realme is aiming high, targeting Apple and Samsung

Photo Credits : Realme/Promo

The Realme GT2 and GT2 Pro models will start next week at the World Mobile Phone Show, MWC 2022 in Barcelona. This is the first time that Realme appears at the world’s largest mobile phone event, which definitely shows its intention to expand globally beyond the borders of China’s home market.

The goal is clear, an attack on the market of the most demanding users and the so-called “flagship” competition. Realme is not known to buyers in Western Europe and the American market, but it is recording rapid sales growth in the rest of the world market. In the last quarter of last year, it delivered 20.65 million mobile phones, which is half more than in the same period in 2020. At the same time, Apple recorded a decline, while Samsung practically stagnated with only 8% growth.

However, Realme globally has a very small share of the world market of only 6%, but wants to expand. By comparison, Apple shipped 81.5 million in the last quarter of last year. Still, Realme is making great strides and has clear goals, especially in price-sensitive markets and where customers care about how much they spend on a mobile phone, preferably a model with as many new features as possible. In line with such a strategy, Realme has emerged as the second most popular manufacturer in the Indian market.

However, everyone’s goal is to make a lot of money, and that only happens in rich markets, so it’s clear why Realme is so eager to target Apple and Samsung users. To pave the way for a discerning and demanding Western customer, Realme will face serious challenges primarily in trying to convince them of the quality and capabilities of their devices and finally buy them instead of Apple, Samsung and even Xiaomi models. Let us mention that the recommended price for the Realme GT2 is around € 600, while the GT 2 Pro will be around € 800.

The next big step for Realme is to convince customers who have so far been accustomed to spending on well-known brands and to pay the same or similar prices for Realme phones. In that sense, Apple and Samsung are a big obstacle to be overcome, but on the other hand, we should not forget the already established and very popular Xiaomi and One Plus brands, which will certainly not sit idly by and watch Realmi take over their customers.