Remember the cult movie She’s All That? It just got its modern variant and we are really looking forward to it

Photo Credits : Profimedia

The year is 1999, and the whole world is obsessed with the film She’s All That in which Freddie Prinze Jr. bet with friends that he will make the infamous Rachael Leigh Cook the prom queen. 

A few weeks later, he will inadvertently develop feelings towards her, the story will get complicated, but in the end, of course, they will end up happy and together.

In 2021, the film He’s All That arrives, a kind of remake that announces changes – it’s time for a girl to bet that she can make an infamous colleague the king of prom parties.

In the just-released trailer, we see that the main roles went to the most popular TikToker in the world, Addison Rae and actor Tanner Buchanan, while the director is Mark Waters, the director of another cult film, Mean Girls. Let’s also mention that the main actress from the original version, Rachael Leigh Cook, will also appear in the film.

Check out the trailer below:

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers