Review of Genesis Trit 500 RGB gaming chair

For the first time in a review, we have a gaming chair and not just anyone. The Genesis Trit 500 RGB is lined with RGB tape.

Review of Genesis Trit 500 RGB gaming chair

Photo Credits: Genesis / promo

For the first time in a review, we have a gaming chair and not just anyone. The Genesis Trit 500 RGB is lined with RGB tape, making it glow in more than 300 shades. Since we have been working from home for months, we are in various chairs most of the day. The Genesis Trit 500 RGB, therefore, came to us as an ace in the top ten, as we can test it in more detail than any gadget we’ve ever had.

This chair is, by the way, only a part of the range of the company Genesis, which is engaged in the production of gaming equipment. They offer practically everything a gamer needs: chairs, desks, computer peripherals, cool cases, backpacks, clothes, and even their own energy drink. Genesis has existed since 2011 based in Poland, and they are present everywhere where there is gaming, especially in E-sports.

First impressions

The Genesis Trit 500 RGB arrived packed in a cardboard box. Along with the chair, the instructions and screws needed for assembly are provided. The instructions are illustrated and quite clear and leave no room for doubt when joining parts. We assembled the chair ourselves, which took us a little over 30 minutes. We recommend that you have another person on hand when assembling, as it will come in very handy, especially when connecting the seat to the backrest. This recommendation applies in particular to persons who have no experience with assembling chairs and similar furniture. The screws are of good quality and sit perfectly in place, just be careful not to tighten them too much.

We assembled the Trit 500 RGB on the terrace and immediately noticed the wheels coated with silicone, which is why it will not scratch and leave marks on the parquet or laminate. The process of assembling is not a wise word, you literally stack the elements on top of each other and fasten them with screws. Connect the RGB tape connectors before attaching the backrest to the seat.

RGB lighting on Trit 500 RGB

A feature that sets this gaming chair apart from the competition is the RGB strip, which it is lined with around the edges. The strap extends from the side of the seat in the knee area, then climbs along the edge of the backrest, covers the entire top, and then descends the same way to the other side of the seat. It shines like a Christmas tree! It looks great and can be seen well in broad daylight, while in the dark it looks - dark!

The package with the chair also includes a remote control, which changes colors. There are twelve predefined colors, which you simply change at the touch of a button. The 'auto' button will bring an automatic shade change, which looks great. You can combine colors and modes of operation to create different effects. We squeezed the remote as if unbaptized and counted about a hundred of them. We would have listed more (the manufacturer says there are 300), but we lost count. You can adjust the speed of the hue change as well as the brightness. The latter has a significant impact on battery life, so be careful about that.

There are buttons on the remote control whose function may not be clear at first. The brightness is adjusted by pressing two buttons engraved with the sun. Next to them are the keys marked with 'M +' and 'M-'. You will use them to change colors and effects. The keys marked 'S +' and 'S-' remain and regulate the speed of changing the effects.

There is a special pocket under the seat for the power bank. You won’t get it with the Trit 500 RGB, but you have to buy it separately.

Comfort and ergonomics Trit 500 RGB

The parts of the chair already made a solid impression when taken out of the box. It is made of quality fabric and is firmly stitched along the edges. Finally, we added two pillows with the logo and the name of the company sewn on them. Since the same thing is on the top of the chair, it all seems a bit exaggerated. Both pillows have decorative faux leather on the edges, which gives the Trit 500 RGB a dose of elegance.

The whole chair can actually be fine-tuned to the person using it. It is adjustable in height, just like the armrests. The gas cylinder under the seat also contributes to comfort. This model tolerates a weight of up to 120 kg, which will satisfy virtually all potential customers. If you are at the limit or even transferring that weight, then consider the Trit 600 RGB. It is a model equipped with an even stronger gas cylinder. With it, the weight tolerance goes up to 150 kg, so Genesis really took everything into account.


The chair is great made and very, very comfortable. We say this from the perspective of a man who spends at least eight hours a day in it, sometimes more. Two pillows, whose position can be adjusted to your needs, significantly contribute to comfort. It is easy to assemble, and due to the quality of the fabric, it is easy to maintain. RGB tape is an interesting addition, which will be especially intriguing to those who record for Youtube or similar platforms.

You can buy this gaming chair on Genesis's official site.