Samsung brings three types of monitors to CES 2022

Samsung brings three monitor models to CES 2022 in addition to the Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone. One belongs to gaming while the other two are for everyday work.

Samsung brings three types of monitors to CES 2022

Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

Samsung brings three monitor models to CES 2022 in addition to the Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone. One belongs to gaming while the other two are for everyday work.

As it is already known, Samsung will finally introduce a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone at the CES fair, which is held from January 5 to 7. After it, we will see representatives of the Samsung Galaxy S22 family in February, and yet before all that Samsung also prepared something for us.

It's not about smartphones, it's not about tablets or TVs, although there are "some links" to the latter. Samsung will also unveil a new generation of monitors at the CES fair.

Their main characteristic is high resolution and of course curvature. However, let's go in order and present (let's say) something about each model separately and what distinguishes them besides the features is a completely different name and therefore of course the price range.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 – new gaming segment representative

First up is the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8. It is a 32" monitor with a 4K image display with a 240Hz display refresh rate. Of course, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 also brings a slight curvature of 1000R and a Quantum Mini LED backlight.

The quality brightness of the display goes up to 2000 nits when playing HDR content. This would, of course, not be possible to pull off without the help of Samsung's Quantum Matrix and Quantum HDR 2000 display technology.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4. These are no longer "regular" monitors, so Odyssey Neo G8 has an Auto Source Switch+ feature, that is, automatic switching of sources when the specified "device" works.

To clarify, there will be no need for the user to manually change the sources, but the monitor will recognize for itself what the source is (which HDMI or Display Port works) and accordingly provide the image on the monitor. We also mentioned Mini LED lighting, of course, and it comes with small "privileges". One of these is certainly CoreSync, i.e. it automatically adjusts (colors, display mode and strength) to the content played on the monitor.

Samsung Smart M8 Monitor - a worthy tv replacement

The second monitor in order (but no less significant )is the Samsung Smart M8 Monitor. This monitor model is slightly different from the competition because it comes with remote control (similar to what comes with Samsung smart TVs).

Another distinctive feature adorns this Samsung Smart M8 monitor and that is that it comes with several pre-installed applications, and therefore can serve as a substitute for a smart TV, that is, the content can be viewed directly from it without the need for additional connection of pieces of hardware such as Android Box or similar.

The Samsung Smart M8 Monitor comes with a built-in webcam that does a great job along with the Google Duo app. The Samsung Smart M8 Monitor also delivers a size of 32" with UHD resolution.

Samsung S8 - simple name of even simpler features

As the last representative of the upcoming series of Samsung monitors that will be presented at the CES 2022fair is the Samsung S8. A simple name that is certainly very easy to remember but its features are also worth mentioning.

The Samsung S8 is the only one of all three models that brings two sizes. One is 27" while the other is (of course) 32."

Both resolutions come with UHD resolution. We must say that for now, this is also the only monitor in the world that does not bring glare. Of course, it is mentioned that the Samsung S8 is the only one that brings the LAN port and USB Type-C, also with support for HDMI and DisplayPort.

The front of the screen coverage is 98%. Samsung S8 (both sizes 27" and 32") brings DCI-P3 color reproduction technology as well as displayhdr 600 (in the case of 32" models).

All three monitors will be presented at the CES 2022 fair and arrival or availability on the market should be possible in the first half of 2022  (prices are not known at this time).