Schneider Electric’s new AI strategy

Photo Credits : Schneider Electric / promo

Schneider Electric is advancing its artificial intelligence strategy by opening a global center for artificial intelligence and appointing its first director of artificial intelligence (CAIO). After the implementation of several leading business cases in the field of artificial intelligence, the center will ensure scalability and deliver measurable value to current and future AI projects.

Schneider Electric helps its customers collect data at the level of the entire value chain, which is crucial for decision-making, agility, and decarbonization. The company seeks to transform unstructured data into valuable business insights and environmental initiatives. New artificial intelligence-driven business models created by Schneider Electric require new tools and approaches that apply the latest AI technologies.

In addition to using artificial intelligence to help users achieve efficiency and sustainability, the newly opened global artificial intelligence headquarters will also focus on the development of internal AI applications used in Schneider and their adoption on a large scale. The Schneider Electric Center will provide artificial intelligence management in all internal domains, a combination of technology, process, and human influence.

As an organization, Schneider Electric is constantly striving to promote digitization and enable work in the most efficient way. With the new Artificial Intelligence Center, Schneider wants to answer a key question: how to take advantage of artificial intelligence to foster efficiency, sustainability, and quality in everything we do, Schneider Electric concludes.