Snack: How it became the most popular dating app during the pandemic

Photo Credits : Snack/Promo

Dating apps are nothing new, but at this time of pandemics and social isolation, have flourished, so they have started to compete which is better and more interesting to users

Most users seem to be bored with the usual scrolling through profile photos, so a completely new dating application called – Snack has gained popularity.

A more authentic and personal experience

Namely, Snack, noticing the growing popularity of videos – from Instagram to TikTok – decided to use just that to make the online dating experience as interesting as possible. Therefore, instead of scrolling through photos, which can be a very easy way to impersonate people, Snack users on the feed watch videos from their profiles before deciding to interact.

It’s a much more authentic and personal experience, and it seems more natural and with less forced interactions. Plus, you can like and comment on people’s videos, even if they didn’t like your own content.  This allows for a lot more flirtation and makes Snack more like a social network than a traditional dating app.

How to use Snack?

The Snack is both simple and easy to use, and on the other hand, offers a whole new experience. It starts with creating a profile, just like any other dating app. Entering basic information about yourself, including name, age, and gender (with a wide range of gender options for LGBTQ + dates), but instead of the usual photo uploads, you are asked to upload one photo and one video. You can add more videos, but you need at least one video before you can start using the app. Unlike almost every other dating app on the market, Snack is based on videos!

In addition, it combines the features of traditional dating apps and more open social networks. Instead of going through profiles, you will be shown an ongoing video feed, similar to what you can see on Instagram or TikTok. If you are attracted to the video, you can like it and/or leave a (flirtatious) comment. If another person likes one of your videos, you can also start sending instant messages.

Snack takes security very seriously – no faking it!

Video-based profiles have great advantages: you can be more confident that you’re talking to a real person, and personality is easier to convey in a video than in a photo. Generation Z is much more comfortable shooting themselves than older generations, so Snack is also used by younger generations.

Snack takes security very seriously, starting right from the registration process. And as email and Facebook accounts are easy to fake, they insist solely on the phone number and Apple ID.  In doing so – Snack is free.

By Vitza-Gossip Whispers