Snapdragon 898: New large heater

Photo Credits : lenovo

Lenovo Legion and Yoga Series product director announced today that the new chipset, which should be the heart of the new Lenovo gaming phone, is getting quite hot, and that they will have to make additional efforts to make the cooling and heat dissipation system as efficient as possible, SparrowsNews reports.

This new chipset is undoubtedly the upcoming Snapdragon 898 (SM8450), which Lenovo previously claimed was working on it for the Legion 3 Pro phone. The next Qualcomm flagship processor is expected to be unveiled at the Tech Summit Snapdragon 2021.

Despite the upgrade to Samsung’s 4nm process, the heat situation doesn’t seem to have improved much, but performance can be improved by up to 20%, so the manufacturer has to work hard on heat dissipation technology. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has already shared the new Loop LiquidCool technology, and what kind of new cooling system Lenovo will bring, we have to wait until the official unveiling by this company.

By: Olivia J.