Steam Deck is sure to be out this year

Photo Credits : valve / promo

According to Valve, the reason for the slippage is the lack of components, which makes production difficult. 

Valve unveiled its handheld console called Steam Deck this summer, which was also reported in the news before and would have originally arrived at the end of the year. However, the company was forced to postpone the delivery of the first stocks for two months, citing a shortage of some of the components used. Of course, the Steam Deck is not the first portable PC console, but according to AMD, there has never been such a combination of efficiency and performance. This is also evident in the first hands-on tests.

Valve currently expects the first stocks to begin shipping to customers in February next year. It also means pre-orderers can expect a general slippage, but everyone keeps their place in line. More information will be provided later on who can get the handheld console and when. 

By: Olivia J.