Stellaris: Update 3.3 “Libra” has a release date

Photo Credits : PARADOX INTERACTIVE / Promo

The developers of Stellaris have now announced the release date for patch 3.3 after an extensive beta phase. The Libra update is not long in coming..

The wait for Stellaris fans is over. The developers have announced the final release date for patch 3.3. The update, which is titled “Libra” and apparently alludes to the Libra constellation, will be released very soon, on February 23, 2022, the team announced in an official Steam blog post.

Update brings new content, but above all lots of balancing and bug fixes

The starting signal for update 3.3 on February 23, 2022, will be exactly at 04:00 a.m. Then owners of the main game can download the free patch on Steam. The developers at Paradox Interactive are also hosting a live stream on Twitch on the same day from 3:30 a.m., in which they will present the update in more detail.

Patch 3.3 brings various innovations for Stellaris, but also a whole range of balancing and AI adjustments as well as bug fixes and a rework of the Unity system. For a full list of all changes, see the official developer post on Steam. Highlights of the Libra update include:

  • two new star systems
  • three new anomalies
  • new colony events
  • new races for Species pack owners
  • Various performance and stability improvements

The developers partially annotated the patch notes as “Beta” to mark adjustments that have been added since the updated Beta version of Update 3.3. According to their own statements, they also want to show where they have implemented the community feedback on the test build of the patch.

In other news, the seventh year of Rainbow Six Siege will bring us four seasons in which we will get four operatives and three maps. The first season has already been presented under the name Demon VeilAzami is a new operative who carries with her Kunai knives in which there is a foamy creation that can create shelter in the room or patch holes in the walls. She is on the side of the defensive operatives and her goal is to prevent the attackers from entering the building. The map coming to Demon Veil is the Irish Emerald Plains which will be extremely demanding and difficult to master, at least so they say!

In the second season, we get a Belgian operative and a map in Greece. However, unlike previous seasons where the maps were intended for the competitive part of the game, this one will be made exclusively for the new Team Deathmatch mode coming to Demon Veil.