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Blockchain: Web3, another way for the same goal

Web3 is a term that you will hear a lot about in the future months/years. It is a group of technologies that promises to offer a n...

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GeForce NOW is now coming to Samsung TVs

The extension of GeForce NOW's reach is undeniable; it is clear that NVIDIA has placed a large stake on its cloud gaming platform.

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The iPhone celebrates 15 years on the market

It seems like only yesterday, although it has been more than 15 years since that legendary day.

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The United States will also consider adopting the singl...

Only a week after the European Union finalized its law in favor of the single charger, three US senators have begun the path to do...

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Nothing revealed the design of his first smartphone

Nothing phone (1) will have a striking back side, through which you can see the wireless charging coil, around which the light str...

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Telegram founder accuses Apple of boycotting 'webapps'

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has accused Apple of conspiring against online applications or web apps in order to force iO...

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