The Chinese have discovered when Battlefield 2042 testing begins (VIDEO)

Chinese streaming platform Bilibili has released information about the date of testing Battlefield 2042, which is reportedly scheduled for the beginning of the tenth month.

The Chinese have discovered when Battlefield 2042 testing begins (VIDEO)

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We’ve already heard the rumor that Battlefield 2042 pre-release testing will take place in the first week of October. This is now practically confirmed, although not yet from official sources. Chinese streaming platform Bilibili (what a great name!) announced that the beta test starts on October 6th.

As Battlefield 2042 is located on that platform, it is not likely that they would give fake information to their users.

The same announcement states that the beta testing could last quite a short time - until October 9, but this is somehow the custom in weekend testing. Early access to the beta test should be given to those who have previously ordered Battlefield 2042.

Testing was supposed to take place in the ninth month, but that was postponed along with the release date of the game. It is to be expected that all versions of the game will be tested on all platforms.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron