The dark fantasy game Project M does not skimp on the display of blood

Photo Credits : HOUND13 / promo

The creators of League of Legends have a whole range of games called Project A, B, F, L… But Project M has nothing to do with them. It is a product of the South Korean company HOUND13 and was shown last weekend at a gathering of developers working in Unreal Engine.

This is a dark fantasy game that developers are developing for PC and consoles. In the short view, we see a female knight with a huge sword piece of another knight before he sacrifices himself to a huge beast.

If this doesn’t seem like a concrete game to you – you’re right – this is just a prototype of what we might one day get. Still, that product was enough for the well-known company Garena to get the rights to release the game.

For now, it is not entirely clear what genre Project M will be. Obviously, this is an action game similar to Soulsborne games, but it is also possible that some kind of MMO game will grow out of this.

By: Amber V. – Zexron