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Bots have recently devoted themselves to writing screenplays for horror movies, and Netflix has been behind the project.

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Despite the fact that horror films have long achieved notable success at the box office, many directors of horror still have difficulty celebrating.

The most attention is paid to scary movies on the eve of Halloween, so they do not have the prestige of dramas or movies with superheroes.

That is why they are still considered risky investments, although the figures claim the opposite.

Streaming services have created more room for fear and horror, primarily because audiences like to be scared.

Experts point out that the matter is clear and that the main issue is demand – if the interest in a genre increases, it is expected that streaming services will demand more such content. Bots have recently devoted themselves to writing scripts for films like this, and Netflix is behind the project.

Photo Credits: YouTube/NETFLIX IS A JOKE

Experts claim that writers still do not have to worry about their work, although a short horror film is more interesting than expected (of course, it is not a masterpiece). Keaton Patti took care of the training of bots, by “feeding” them with 400 thousand hours of horror movies. After the training, the bots went to work and wrote the script for their own film.

The title is also interesting – Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive – and it is immediately clear that the action is initiated by Mr. Puzzles. It is a tragic soul who has always wanted his puzzle but never got it. That is why Jennifer is sanctified and kidnapped, who, as stated in the script “She has a body”. Fans of horror movies understand how important it is for heroes to have bodies because without living bodies there are no corpses.

The new horror bot has a plot, even a few twists. He successfully relies on some common places that are characteristic of horror movies, such as the “sexy summer camp” that Jennifer dreams of. All in all, the film is interesting, so bots predict an exciting future – it’s not that flying piranhas or tornadoes with sharks invented by humans are much better than the heroine Jennifer.