The latest information leaks on the RTX 3090 Ti

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

This is especially true of energy consumption.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti will hopefully arrive soon, and alleged specifications for the MSI version have been leaked that include a major revelation about power consumption.

Honestly, we knew that the RTX 3090 Ti would require a lot of power because the standard version of the 3090 already requires huge demands. What exactly is it about? The leak of information regarding the 3090 Ti card suggests that it could consume 480 W of power (compared to 430 W for MSI’s existing Suprim X 3090).

The real eye-opening comes in the form of the PSU recommended by MSI in the leaked specifications, which is a 1000 W power supply (compared to the 850 W unit for the standard RTX 3090).

The MSI Suprim X 3090 Ti will reportedly offer a base clock of 1,560 MHz, with an increase to 1,860 MHz, and an additional ‘Extreme Mode‘ that moves to 1,900 MHz. By the way, the number of CUDA cores is 10,752, as has been rumored for some time.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we hope to see the new 3090 Ti graphics card in late January. It is speculated that the release date is January 27, but we learned that Nvidia has encountered problems in production, which could mean that the launch of this model will be delayed.

1,000-watt power consumption means that this graphics card will not be for “everyone’s” computer

How many people have a 1000 W power supply in their computer? There’s not much, that’s for sure, and that includes us. Of course, not many people will want to buy this model from Nvidia. The reason for this is the rumors about the price that could cause withdrawal from a large number of potential buyers of these models, again if the rumors are correct with the prices.

The average computer owner is more concerned about the wider issue of GPUs, which are even more concerned with PSU requirements, and the perception of cards such as the 3090 Ti, which facilitates the belief that next-generation graphics card models could be increasingly “hungry” in terms of power consumption.

We also learned some stories about Nvidia’s next-generation ‘Lovelace‘ graphics cards, which may double the power requirements, which could mean looking at 600W, and this kind of forward driving with power at the highest level with the Ampere. It seems that this may not be as unrealistic as it was when we first heard the speculation. By the way, it is also rumored that AMD will significantly increase energy consumption for the next generation.

A problem for many users could be if the requirements for the next generation of mid-range graphics card users are also somewhat increased, then low-watt wattage systems could require a possible PSU upgrade if they switch to a new Lovelace graphics card. Changing the power supply not only increases the total cost of upgrading the GPU, as if in recent months it is not already complicated and complicated enough, but also significantly complicates the actual upgrade process.