‘The Night House’: A visually impressive and stylishly trim horror movie that you won’t easily forget

Photo Credits : Promo

The Night House” begins – very appropriately – with a funeral, the husband of the main character, teacher Beth ( Rebecca Hall ), is killed.

She now lives in an architecturally very nicely designed house, made by her late husband, but by some signs, there is someone else there. They are probably ghosts, but things are not so simple, because, by the way, Beth discovers that she did not know her husband at all.

There is a lot of style in tension teasing, the visual prose is impressive, but towards the end, there are more and more borrowings from the new version of “Invisible Man“.

The problem is that there are two solutions, of which only one would be enough, but on the whole, it is an achievement that you will not easily forget.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers