The Settlers: That’s why engineers are so important

Photo Credits : UBISOFT / promo

After Ubisoft recently presented special locations of the Settlers reboot, the developer’s latest blog post was about “the most versatile unit” in the game – the engineers. Their job also includes theft, which is less of a problem. Rather, there is a catch that engineers contribute significantly to winning a game.

After presenting special places in The Settlers reboot, Ubisoft turned back to the settlers themselves in a new blog post. This time, the focus was on the civil unit of the engineers, which according to the developer is “the most versatile unit” in the game. If you perfect the use of engineers, they can make a significant contribution to winning a game. In fact, the supposed designers do much more than plan and erect buildings. Their responsibilities include probing, expanding, interacting, and even stealing. We have briefly summarized what this means in detail.

The settlers: The engineers can do all that

  • Building: The engineer does not bother with lugging materials; he erects a building as soon as bearers have brought in enough raw materials. Using a new function, automatic building can be activated or deactivated. In this way, certain buildings should be preferred during construction.
  • Expand: Once the starting area has been developed, engineers can be sent to the borders of an area developed by soldiers. By doing their work here, they expand the original area.
  • Probing: Engineers should be good at discovering resource-rich areas. If a good place is found for mining coal or gold, for example, they also help to construct the buildings required.
  • Interaction and theft: Special places should be able to be examined by engineering units. In this way, one can determine which requirements must be met in order to receive a reward. In addition, an engineer should be able to steal any objects from enemy settlements and thus weaken or even destroy economies. But this requires a bit of luck, because at the sight of a soldier, the builder, who is not particularly well-fortified, immediately goes to the foundation and is said to lose all the objects he has picked up.

But what is actually the catch mentioned at the beginning? The closed beta test of The Settlers is said to have shown that the engineering units are so important that, for example, PvP rounds can be decided in your favor in no time at all. To do this, let all available units kill all enemy engineers shortly after the start. If this succeeds, the game round is practically over. Ubisoft may have to improve this before the release, otherwise, the player criticism of the reboot should continue.