THE WAY YOU HOLD THE PHONE REVEALS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU: Do you use the phone with one or both hands, upright or flat?

Photo Credits : Oscar Wong / GETTY IMAGES

Body language interpretation experts have revealed to the British Daily Mail what the way we use and hold the phone says about us as individuals.

From those who send instant messages with one hand, through those who use the phone with both to people who use the phone in laid mode – which group do you belong to?

If you use the phone with both hands and type messages using both thumbs you are a person who has self-confidence.

You have no time to lose and you do things reliably and effectively. You are probably working in a very demanding position or in such a work environment, you have the capacity to do more things at the same time and you are competitive. Such people are often adaptable to the situation and assertive, they have a lot of energy.

People who hold the phone with both hands but type with only one thumb, left or right, are disciplined people. Such people are often very methodical and take the initiative, explains Hailey Marshall, who is an expert in interpreting body language.

A group of people who send voice notes, ie. dictates audio messages is a special type of people, often very busy, but with a pronounced awareness of socialization. Such people care about the environment, they look for that. they want to solve problems and injustices in society. Most often, these are young people, who not only solve their things quickly but also want to stay in touch with everyone. They pay a lot of attention to detail and are pretty down-to-earth.

People who hold the phone with one hand and tap with one thumb are reliable people. They often take risks and are rewarded in life for it more often than anyone else. They may be reckless, but they are fun and energetic types. However, they pay the least attention to detail and this can often get them into trouble.

People who hold the phone with both hands and in a horizontal position are most often the ones who want attention, possibly daffodils, who love themselves very much. This type of person often wants others to notice them.

Finally, seniors often have a special approach – holding the phone once and using the index finger of the other to type. These, of course, do not necessarily have to be older people, and in that case, they are creative and mature, wise people. People who use the phone in this way do not rush, observe the situation and solve problems in the best way. They are smart, intuitive, and active.

By: Angelica W. – Gossip Whispers