This speaker does not look its age

Photo Credits : edifier/promo

Edifier MP230 resembles radios from half a century ago. However, it is a fully-fledged, modern wireless speaker, with an award for innovation.

Edifier MP230 – a retro-style Bluetooth speaker

Many people have a problem with the aesthetics of modern devices. They either look indulgent and shine like lights on a Christmas tree, or they are boring, nondescript lumps deceptively similar to their sisters. From time to time, however, producers remind themselves that “once were the times” and try to bring back a part of them, not forgetting, however, about the technological achievements accomplished since those years. One of the fruits of this approach is the Edifier MP230

Show me what’s inside

Even if not a technological marvel, the Edifier MP230 is definitely a modern wireless speaker. A class D amplifier and two full-range drivers in the 48mm format should provide a rich sound, and the accompanying passive radiators will take care of the bass. You can listen to music by sending it via Bluetooth 5.0 or delivering it on a microSD card. For those who prefer traditional connections, there is an AUX input. Inside, there is also a place for a quite capacious battery, thanks to which a 16-hour working time has been achieved (some people may even say that it is ideal).

The fact that we require good sound from a loudspeaker is rather obvious. The Edifier MP230, however, proves that we can also expect impeccable aesthetics. This particular model should appeal to lovers of retro climate and classic radios. And since the housing not only looks wooden, but it actually is, it also reduces the resonance effect, which allows me to add another plus on the list.

Edifier MP230 awarded at CES 2022. How much does it cost?

The loudspeaker has already impressed some people, as proof of which some have awarded it with the “Innovation Award” on the occasion of the CES 2022 fair, which will start at the beginning of January. Next year’s edition of the great celebration of consumer electronics promises to be great – so remember to visit us regularly, because you will find here many publications on technological novelties. 

Returning to the loudspeaker, however, its sales have already started. So you may have problems with buying it, but at least we know the price. This is less than $ 100. Are you going hunting, because we surely are!