Tip for greater range of electric cars

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

During the colder months, it is recommended that you do not wait too long to charge the electric vehicle, and make sure that the vehicle is warmed up while it is still plugged in.

Low temperatures, which are common in winter days, can reduce battery efficiency in electric cars and thus their range. A few simple tips from Goodyear experts can help you increase the range of your electric pet in the cold months.

Do not delay charging the electric vehicle until the last minute, as this will take more time in winter. Make sure the battery charge is less than 20 percent. An electric car in colder conditions also consumes part of the battery charge to warm up before driving. It is therefore recommended to charge overnight and, if possible, park in the garage so that the vehicle is not exposed to extreme cold.

You can also save energy before you leave home. If your electric vehicle is still charging before you leave, start defrosting the windows and heating the vehicle .While it is still plugged in, as this will not consume battery power, but will leave you more to drive. With the help of the app on your phone, you can easily do that from the comfort of a warm home.

Although one of the most attractive advantages of driving an electric car is sudden acceleration. Avoid it in the cold months because the battery drains faster when moving fast. In addition, it will make driving safer; namely, in winter, the road surface is often slippery, which requires greater caution when driving.

You will also contribute to a longer range of the vehicle by choosing the right tires. Besides providing good grip, more efficient braking and excellent mileage potential, low rolling resistance helps reduce energy consumption even in winter conditions.

When the weather is cold, the tire pressure is reduced, which results in higher rolling resistance and consequently less endurance of electric vehicles. Therefore, the condition of the tires should be checked more often and make sure that they are properly inflated. This will allows for optimal vehicle range. At the same time, the correct air pressure in the tires is important for safe driving – the tires, in fact, provide optimal durability and good grip only if they are properly inflated.

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