Tips and tricks for a successful Instagram giveaway

Tips and tricks for a successful Instagram giveaway

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Organizing and running a successful giveaway on Instagram in recent years has become a good marketing ploy. In order to do everything professionally, whether it is a collaboration of entrepreneurs or the work of a digital agency, you need to know exactly what you are doing in order to successfully complete the whole process in the end.

There are two main approaches when it comes to running a sweepstake on Instagram: using sponsored posts from your own account or using your own posts with a sponsored title / description filter. Depending on the type of collaboration, rules will also be written but one thing is for sure; people love giving, competing and waiting for free gifts.

What is good about small businesses or brands is the potential to increase visibility and encourage follower engagement. Here are some important rules to follow when organizing a gift, as well as tips on which applications to use.

The benefits of giveaway on Instagram

Donations and various prize games have become our everyday life, but do you know what are the advantages of this type of marketing? There are a number of points for which making a donation on Instagram pays off completely:

  • Increasing companion interaction
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Improving the brand image
  • Generating new followers
  • Building and rewarding loyalty of regular customers

A good example of giving on social media has two essential parts: presentation and information. The first part should attract attention so that people notice that this is not a simple post from your social networks, but a special occasion. Stand out with emoticons that tell you you’re doing a giveaway, sweepstakes, or contest. And don’t forget to convey enthusiasm with your message.

Tips for successfully organizing donations on Instagram

Once you’ve made a successful post and got the attention of a follower, the most important thing is the terms of the draw. They should include information on who can participate (age restrictions, only for Croatia or the EU, when there is a draw and how many potential winners there are).

The greater the transparency in the selection of winners and the whole process, the more trust you will gain among followers. Otherwise, they could complain and ruin the reputation of your brand due to dissatisfaction. You do not want that, so with the personal reward rules you have decided on, be sure to follow the legal basis of Facebook and Instagram, or their company Meta. to avoid problems. For example, point out in your post that you are running a sweepstake on behalf of your company / brand / digital agency and that Instagram and Facebook do not sponsor or participate in these gifts.

The most important things to clarify about giving are:
  • Who can participate
  • What you can win
  • Duration of donation
  • The date you will announce the winner
  • Conditions for participation
  • Number of prizes and winners
  • Choosing an award is important

While each surprise package is nice to receive, some gifts are especially interesting to people. According to research, users are more likely to participate in giving with a prize they like than the fact that it makes the brand they follow. For this reason, choosing the right items to give to your companions is one of the key factors in determining the success of a sweepstake.

If you want your gift to go viral, you need to offer the right object to the users you want to receive. For example, if you want to attract a young audience that loves technology, you can consider donating a popular gadget. If it is a female population, quality cosmetics or jewelry are always a very attractive award that every woman will want to win.

Contest or donation?

It is important to distinguish well between competition and donation and prize games on digital platforms. So you can choose the action that interests you the most based on what you want to achieve. On the one hand, on social networks, users apply for a gift or prize game on the principle of fulfilling conditions such as following the page, the most creative response and the like.

On the other hand, you participate in the tender by meeting the conditions and requirements of the legal platform. It can be a competition for the best video work, photo or recipe.

Post the legal basis of giving on Instagram with a link to the website. For each social network, there are a number of usage rules that must be followed when using the app. They describe the restrictions on use that affect the gifting of social networks. The legal basis of the prize game on the platforms is set out in a document that identifies, among other things, the organizer, the goals of the prize game, access conditions and the prize. It is important that the legal basis for any questions or inquiries that a user interested in participating may have is visible on the profiles or website.

Advertise the winners publicly

One of the last steps in the process of conducting the prize game is to announce the winner. This step should build trust among users, so it is important to visualize the whole selection process. There are different ways of announcing the selected ones, among which we single out:

Record the selection of the winner and publish it on the story live. In this way, you will no doubt be able to complete all the steps taken to determine the selected winner.

Mention the winner in the comments of the post or story. It is a way of direct and personalized communication for the winners who will receive the notification immediately

Show the winners in the same announcement and add updated information to the description, as well as indicate the end of the donation.

Some of the most popular applications for organizing donations are Comment Picker, Giveaway2, FanPage Karma…

How to set donation rules?

The rules of giving on Instagram depend on your ultimate goal, the reason for donating. If this is a new product that you want to donate to loyal customers, then it will certainly be in your interest to spread the word about your product organically through a rule: tag people you know would be interested in this product. This is just an example of how you can involve the friends of your companions in the gift, but also potentially invite them to see what your brand has to offer.

In addition to the above, in the rules you can ask the participants:

  • Divide the publication into a story to increase your chances of winning a prize. This will better connect with the audience of your followers and significantly increase the visibility of your gifting and Instagram profile.
  • Tag other people in the comment, most often friends with the same interests
  • Profile tracking
  • The “like” tag on the donation announcement
Achieve the best result

If you want your gift to be successful on social networks, you can use a few simple tricks that will allow you to reach more people.

  • With paid advertising you will have more reach
  • Donation should last at least seven days
  • Encourage organic growth provided you label other people who would be interested in getting involved in giving
  • Remind of giving in the story at the beginning, middle and towards the end of the week
  • Announce the winner draw at a time when followers are most active, and you’ll see that according to statistics