Twitter users can now silently remove followers, without blocking

Photo Credits : Twitter / promo

Among the many features it has tested and released this year, Twitter now offers users better control over who is tracking their account without taking any drastic steps or attracting unwanted attention. From now on, all users have access to the “soft block” function, which the company started testing last month.

Twitter is largely a public platform; although users can set their profiles as private, this greatly limits the number of people who will see their content. Leaving an account public, on the other hand, allows anyone to view the content, and the only way to prevent that is to use a blocking tool.

Blocking is a drastic step that could potentially cause drama or other problems because the person who is blocked will quickly understand what happened. Twitter has now introduced a new option called “soft block”, which allows users to quietly remove followers. The option is available on the web.

Followers who have been removed from their account will not be notified, although they may eventually notice that they no longer see tweets from the account from which they were blocked in their news feed. This silent removal allows a blocked person to continue reading your tweets but will have to manually visit your account each time.

Twitter first announced the testing of this feature in early September, describing the soft-blocking tool as a selection feature. The new follower removal option is in the same menu where you can block or turn off account notifications.

By: Olivia J. – Zexron