Two months later: Windows 11 is yet to be finished

Photo Credits : Uzair_Ahmed /Pixabay

Windows 11 appeared nearly two months ago, and even then it was obvious that it was still in the making. In the meantime, it got new options, many bugs were fixed, but the new version of the operating system is still not a finished product.

After two months of updating, Windows 11 is still not perfect, as it is nothing else in this world. However, operating systems are expected to do more than other things on which modern life depends, as they affect everything from private to business life. Mistakes are thus not welcome, especially if it is a new product that would have to be better than its predecessor.

Most of the updates focused on early Windows 11 issues, and on adding features that were in line with what Microsoft had originally announced. Thus, with the November update, bugs that affected newer AMD Ryzen processors, especially those with a larger number of cores, were fixed.

Numerous other solutions have arrived, which have addressed problems ranging from complications in the taskbar to problems with printers. There are also some cosmetic interventions, so the “blue screen of death” flooded again, although it was planned to become darker with the Windows 11 version.

Despite numerous fixes, some features are still missing, such as a dark mode for Paint, updates for Media Player and Your Phone applications, and other more or less important solutions. When everything is added and subtracted, it seems that users will wait for some time for the perfect Windows 11 , which is not so terrible – and Windows 10 faced many troubles until it got used to us.