Viber has implemented self-deleting messages in group conversations

Photo Credits : Viber / promo

Self-deleting messages are a great option that protects privacy if you want to have conversations that are not recorded or stored in the chat history. Viber offers messages that disappear/are deleted for their individual conversations, and now the function arrives for group conversations as well.

Viber has announced that it will implement self-deleting messages in group conversations. According to the statement: ” When it comes to posting messages that are deleted in group chat, users will not have to go through the process in several steps to change the status of messages in the group. Viber allows members to easily turn on and off the option within the chat .

The company points out that Viber users can set up to delete messages in conversations after 10 seconds, one minute, one hour, or one day after they are read.

Those who are worried that others might create a screenshot of the sent messages, do not worry because the Viber application has built-in protection that prevents such actions. The function of deleting messages in group conversations should already be delivered to users in the latest update.

By: Amber V. – Zexron