What is the Patreon platform?

Photo Credits : Patreon/Promo

Patreon is a platform designed to connect creators of different content with those who consume it and are willing to become patrons to honor their efforts. In other words, it is a platform that makes it easier for authors to access a steady source of income.

The originator of this platform is YouTube musician Jack Conte, who was looking for an easy way to increase his earnings from music videos he recorded and published, but based on which he received only a symbolic compensation from his fans.

Patreon saw the light of day about six weeks after Jack shared his idea with his college roommate Sam Yam, who turned it into reality. Today, Patreon brings together more than 250,000 creators, supported by more than 8 million patrons, who with over three and a half billion dollars, honored the work and effort of their favorite creators.

Possibilities of Patreon

It is essentially a platform that allows creators to create subscription models, thus enabling their fans to reward them for the content they have created and will create. The platform is truly for everyone: musicians, video creators, visual artists, writers and journalists, computer game creators, educational content creators and many others.

The application itself is not only intended for those who are only sponsors, but also for those who are yet to become one. Creators through the platform can organize live chats, respond to sponsor comments and more.

Patreon offers the possibility of earning money through packages, packages can be made by each creator as desired, each package has a different price. Most creators offer special content or content before posting it on other networks for a certain amount of money on the patron, for ‘loyal’ subscribers.

Of course, the app is completely free, both for the creators and the sponsor, but the creators pay a certain percentage of the monthly earnings for Patreon’s services.

It was mentioned earlier that Patreon would support the NFT option. This option is called “creator coins”. This would make sense, and if there are metaverse soon, many creators will be part of that story and subscribers will be able to support them and buy them things in the metaverse. On Patreon, everyone can post pictures, publish their thoughts and deeds, be unique. It is in some ways the same as on other networks, but with the possibility that every creator has a profit. This is an example of a package.

Photo Credits: Patreon/Promo