White Shark Sagramore Review: Chip but great sensor

Photo Credits : WhiteShark/Promo

Manufacture White Shark
Sensor PMW3325
Sensor typeOptical
Sensor resolution7000 DPI
LightingYes, RGB
Dimensions and weight123 x 67 x 42 mm, 141 g

Convenient to a great sensor

The new White Shark mouse offers you a solid optical sensor for uncompromising gaming in almost all titles. In addition, of course, you get RGB lighting that completes the experience.

Sagramore is a new mouse from the domestic brand White Shark and is a very affordable offer for a solid wired gaming mouse. The mouse is designed for the right hand so that additional buttons can be used on the side, next to the thumb. There are five easily accessible buttons: two main, two next to the thumb standard for forward / backward control and, of course, a scroll roller. Additionally, you have two more buttons on the bottom. One controls the LED lighting of the mouse, while the other controls the resolution of the mouse’s movement on the surface.

The sensor supports up to 5,000 DPI by default, but the mouse is adapted to operate from 500 to 7,000 DPI, depending on the button setting on the bottom. This allows you to set the ideal mouse speed depending on the screen resolution and the desired gaming sensitivity. As we mentioned, the mouse supports RGB lighting and consists of a thin line at the bottom of the mouse, as well as the White Shark logo, which will make it easy to find the mouse in the dark. The scroll button also has a clear plastic, so it lets in some lighting from the inside, just so you don’t mind in the dark.

It is a wired mouse that uses a USB 2 interface and has a braided wire that will not interfere. A cable length of 1.8 meters is optimal for most users. The keys are used with Huano switches that ensure a lifespan of up to 20 million clicks and have a satisfactory click when used. The whole mouse is plastic and a little rougher than matte plastic ensuring that the hand will not slip.

We can say that everyone except the most hardened FPS gamers will be happy with the mouse. The sensor used can monitor acceleration up to 20 G, which could cause loss of tracking in quick movements for professional players, as well as those who want to be the best. The rest of the audience doesn’t care and can easily pick up this simple RGB mouse.