Will the new problem ruin Apple?

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A former Apple employee committed suicide, and his colleagues blame no one but Apple itself.

Expected – a terrible place to work behind a beautiful facade

After Mark Kalivas committed suicide, Apple employees began to go public with information about the terrible working conditions within this company. Jimmy Bailey, a colleague of Mark Kalivas, said that Apple killed his colleague: 

“How else could it be explained that THE health champion in the Apple Store, slipped into depression due to which he took sick leave and then committed suicide?”

Bailey rejected the possibility that something from his colleague’s private life influenced this decision.

Kalivas was exposed to the psychological violence of a manager who always insulted his work and did not allow him to progress. According to the employees, she is a manager who is mobbing numerous employees, but Apple’s management is pretending to be blind. Although the employees repeatedly wrote complaints about the work of the manager, she was never punished.

Employees kept silent about the situation in the company until the suicide of a colleague. Employees, in addition to bad interpersonal relations, state that they work many hours overtime and that they are not adequately paid. They also stated that it is impossible to progress in the company itself. For now, the workers are just organizing and supporting each other in terms of the credibility of the statements, but no official service has been launched yet.