Windows 11: Old taskbar feature returns after Christmas

Microsoft plans to return old system tab features after Christmas. These are options for dragging and dropping icons into the system tab and moving files to minimized programs. The functionalities are initially reserved for the participants in the Dev-Insider program.

Windows 11: Old taskbar feature returns after Christmas

Photo Credits: Microsoft / promo

After the release of Windows 11 a few weeks ago, Microsoft is now making fine adjustments to the new operating system. Some adjustments have already been made, at least for insiders, while other painfully missing features from previous Windows iterations bring users back on board using third-party tools.

Above all, the revised and functionally purified taskbar is a construction site. Microsoft set the red pencil on the basis of its own data collection. Features that were rarely used or not used at all by the broad user base were no longer used, even though the few power users used them often and now have to do without them under Windows 11 without additional tools.

This also includes, for example, the possibility of dragging and dropping shortcuts into the taskbar and files using minimized programs. Microsoft intends to submit this in the near future, although initially no global rollout via all update channels is planned for this. Instead, participants in the Dev Insider program are initially given the functionalities.

According to, the period "after the Christmas holidays" is planned for the feature rollout, which means that a few months of patience are required if you get your Windows 11 update via the Dev-Insider channel. Other users, however, have to be patient for much longer.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron