Xbox Series X / S SSD in PlayStation 5?

Photo Credits : x box

A couple of weeks ago, Sony released a list of SSDs compatible with the PlayStation 5. Users can of course use some other SSDs outside that list and it will work, but it is not recommended.

From this, the Digital Foundry editors came up with the idea to test how the SSD, which is primarily intended for Xbox Series X / S consoles, would work in combination with the PlayStation 5.

The SSD from the Xbox Series S console (the Series S console was used, but both Microsoft consoles have the same SSD, only of different capacity) recognized the PS5, the formatting process began, and then a problem occurred because the formatting process stopped at 13%. Then the PlayStation 5 console restarted, and the SSD became unusable after the process.

Sony recommends fast SSDs (5500MB / s), while the Xbox Series X / S uses slower SSDs (approximately 2400 MB / s), but as previously mentioned and confirmed by Digital Foundry, Sony’s console works with different SSDs. However, this “different” does not apply to SSDs found in Xbox Series X / S consoles.

By: Olivia J. – Zexron