You can now buy the world’s first USB-C iPhone

Photo Credits : Kenn Pillonel

Last month, Kenn Pillonel, a robotics student from Switzerland, showed the world his iPhone X with a fully functional USB-C port. The same phone is now being sold at auction on eBay and you can own this piece of history.

But to own this part of history you will have to have a pretty deep pocket, as the price at the time of writing this article has reached a staggering $ 4950.

It is a used 64 GB iPhone X in black and comes only with a box and no accessories. Pillonel advises the future owner of this mobile phone not to use this mobile phone every day or to return it to factory settings.

If you are curious and want to see the process of creating this device, Pillonel has also published a complete guide on its YouTube channel with details of the whole process, and if you are not interested in such detail, here is a summary.

In short, he flipped Apple’s Lighting connector and then made a replica of the Lightning connector which allowed him to make a flexible “motherboard” that managed to fit vertically inside the iPhone between the battery and the Taptic Engine. For more detailed information, of course, it is best to watch the video yourself.

And if you want to try this modification yourself, the whole project is open source and all the instructions can be found in the “GitHub” repository.

Finally, Pillonel announced that he will continue to address this issue of replacing the Lighting connector with a USB-C connector and even hinted at adding USB-C to a pair of AirPods which will definitely be an interesting tracking project.

What is your opinion on all this, do you think that all devices should have USB-C or not?

By: Amber V. – Zexron