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Cyberpunk 2077 developer wants to stay independent

As a result of the extremely bumpy launch of Cyberpunk 2077, developer CD Projekt has become a potential takeover target.

Battlefield 2042: Patch 3 has some big problems

Thursday morning at 9 a.m., the big patch will be rolled out, which apparently does not require any downtime. Another patch will be added in December.

MIUI 13 will be pre-installed on the new Redmi K50 series

Xiaomi is expected to launch MIUI 13 later this year, probably along with the Xiaomi 12 line. The latest reports say that the user interface will also be pre-installed in all Redmi K50 smartphones.

Great news for mobile gaming – Sony is working on controllers for smartphones

Sony seems to be re-launching efforts to play games on smartphones. They could work on a controller like the PlayStation that connects to your smartphone.

CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White

The quality mainstream power supply of respectable power with modular design, exemplary energy efficiency, and relatively quiet operation.

The Xiaomi 12 series is coming soon

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip unveiled at Qualcomm’s ongoing Snapdragon Tech Summit will launch several flagship Android devices next year.

Half-Life 3 is rumored to be not in development

Half-Life fans have to be very strong now: According to a current rumor, Valve is not (yet) working on Half-Life 3. Instead, the developer is probably working exclusively on the new handheld Steam Deck and on games that should run particularly well on the console. At least that's what Valve insider Tyler McVicker claims.

The Forest 2: Release-date for Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has a release date. The game presented in 2019 will be released on May 20, 2022, a little later than originally planned.

Meta lifts ban on cryptocurrency ads

Meta is abandoning its long-standing ban on cryptocurrency advertising

The Motorola Edge X30 arrives on December 9

Motorola has confirmed via a poster on the Weibo network that the Edge X30 will be announced at a launch in China on December 9

Samsung Galaxy Watch4- still a great purchase

This summer, on August 27, Samsung released their smartwatch model under the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Months later, this watch is still proving to be a great purchase.



Android Auto is going completely wireless in the near future

The technology giant told its component suppliers that demand for its largest, most important and leading product weakened just before the holiday season.

The Xiaomi Redmi K50 should launch in February

We’ve been hearing about Xiaomi’s subbrand and its new Redmi K50 series for months now, and although the company has yet to hear news...

Windows 11 & 10: How to activate “God Mode”

Making settings is not always easy under Windows 11 and 10. There is, however, a kind of "God Mode" that allows quick and easy access to over 200 functions of the operating systems. 

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G – is it worth 220 euros ?!

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G is a new smartphone from a South Korean company, which goes on sale today, December 2. Here are the features of this lower priced device.

The Pirate Bay celebrates 18th anniversary

The Pirate Bay turned 18 this week. The site has experienced and survived several closure attempts, and even Swedish police have tried to close The Pirate Bay

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The new limit for portal XP, adjusted rush playlist

The developers of Battlefield 2042 have increased the XP limit in portal mode. They also made adjustments to the Rush playlist and the XP allocation.

Tesla’s new cybertruck gets four engines and individually controllable wheels

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced a number of changes for the new Cybertruck compared to the prototype presented in 2019.

Will the new problem ruin Apple?

After Mark Kalivas committed suicide, Apple employees began to go public with information about the terrible working conditions within this company.

Locked Google Images folder now used by other phones

In the June Pixel Feature Drop, Google introduced the "Locked Folder" in the Google Photos app on Pixel devices which can now be used by others

It takes two developers give up trademark

Take Two has apparently taken legal action against the developers of It Takes Two to defend naming rights. The Hazelight team has since given up the claim to the naming rights to the game.

Valve is not interested in exclusive titles

At the Steam Deck Event, developers and publishers recently had the chance to ask Valve questions about the Steam Deck . Among other things, the question arose whether Valve was interested in exclusive games for the handheld PC. The answer was, " No. We don't see any point in it. It's a PC and it should play games like a PC. "

Windows 11 Start menu update

 With the upcoming Windows 11 version 22H2, the start menu will be more individual. Users have more options to choose what to display in the start menu.

Intel building new chip factory in Germany

Intel will build a new chip factory in Europe in the coming years

An electric bicycle is a computer on wheels

The new Chinese electric bike contains perhaps even more technology than the Greyp.




Meta lifts ban on cryptocurrency ads

Meta is abandoning its long-standing ban on cryptocurrency advertising

Bitcoin miners bought an entire coal-fired power plant for their own needs

While much of the world is planning to switch to clean energy, bitcoin miners are not looking too closely at the carbon footprint of their business and are taking big strides forward.

Is the party over? Shiba Inu collapses and kills half of earnings

The crypto industry is flaunting its volatility again. The Shiba Inu meme coin , which achieved increases of more than 300% in the week yesterday, today plummets 30% and eliminates half of the weekly gains, which are now up 170%.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk together at a bitcoin conference!

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey recently stated that his life mission is to spread adoption and promote bitcoin awareness. The latest step in the process for Dorsey is the launch of an online conference designed to educate institutions about the leading cryptocurrency.

The repression of cryptocurrencies is forcing Chinese bitcoin mining companies into Paraguay

As many as eight Chinese bitcoin mining companies reportedly want to relocate their business to Paraguay after the repression of domestic industry.