Apple’s director of battery development is moving to Volkswagen

Photo Credits : CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

Ahn Soonho, head of development for Apple’s batteries, announced his move to Volkswagen where he will continue to develop batteries for electric vehicles.

This information appeared on Ahn Soonho’s LinkedIn profile, which indicates that he is already in the new company. Apple lost two directors in just a few months, while both of them switched to the automotive industry. In September, Apple left project manager Doug Field who went to Ford Motors.

Ahn Soonho has been with Apple since 2018. He is engaged in the development of batteries that will be used not only in mobile phones and laptops but also in electric vehicles that are in development. So far, it is known that Apple plans to launch an electric vehicle with an advanced battery by 2024. It is certain that Apple cars will not appear in 2024. One of the big problems is the battery. Apple has signed a joint cooperation agreement with CATL and BID, Chinese companies. Both companies were to create a battery supply and production chain. However, Apple insisted that the companies operate in the United States and work exclusively for Apple. Both companies rejected these conditions.

Volkswagen has said it plans to build six battery factories across Europe by the end of the decade. They see this as an advantage over Tesla, but also other companies that want to dominate the electric vehicle market.

It is quite clear that the battery is one of the key moments when it comes to an electric vehicle. Companies are already racing to get experts and resources. Neither Apple nor Ahn Soonho nor Volkswagen commented on leaving the company.