An Unprecedented RGB Lighting PC Build by Enthusiast d4pz

d4pz has taken RGB lighting to extraordinary levels in a custom PC build, showcasing a staggering 1200 watts dedicated solely to lighting. This build goes far beyond conventional RGB setups, introducing a level of luminosity rarely seen in personal computing.

Jan 14, 2024 - 20:22
An Unprecedented RGB Lighting PC Build by Enthusiast d4pz

The Extremes of RGB Lighting: 1200 Watts of Power

In a realm where 100 watts of RGB lighting is already seen as excessive, d4pz has shattered norms by implementing twelve 100-watt LEDs. This setup not only demonstrates the potential for extreme RGB lighting but also redefines the boundaries of PC customization.

Unique Control and Power Supply Configuration

Unlike typical RGB systems integrated into PC motherboards, this build employs an Arduino for control, sidestepping the standard RGB ports and connections. The LEDs are managed through individually soldered cables, powered by a hefty 1,600-watt Platinum power supply, likely the Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1600W.

Efficiency and Cooling Challenges

Given that LEDs are not fully efficient, particularly in this high-power setup, d4pz had to incorporate dual liquid cooling loops, each with a 360mm radiator. These cooling solutions are essential to manage the significant heat output, estimated to be several hundred watts.

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Thermal Management and Cable Safety

Concerns about cable safety, particularly the risk of melting under high temperatures, were addressed through thermal camera testing. This precaution ensured that the extensive lighting system did not compromise the build's overall safety and integrity.

The Surprising Lack of Traditional PC Components

Contrary to expectations, the build does not house typical high-power PC components like a Core i9-14900K or an RTX 4090. The enormous power consumption and space occupied by the RGB lighting and cooling systems left no room for standard PC hardware, making this build solely focused on lighting.

Conclusion: Redefining the Scope of PC Customization

d4pz's creation is a testament to the lengths enthusiasts will go to personalize their PCs. While it may not serve the traditional functions of a computer, this build stands as a remarkable example of what is possible in the realm of PC customization and RGB lighting.