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An increasing number of crypto miners in Kazakhstan are causing an energy crisis

Since China recently officially banned cryptocurrency mining in that country, most of the cryptocurrency miners have moved to Kazakhstan from there.

Color enters the homogeneous graphics card market

Innosilicon has further detailed its efforts as a graphics card provider. Based on Fantasy One GPU, several graphics cards and executable material were shown

We are getting POCO laptops soon

Recently, many smartphone brands are expanding beyond the production of mobile phones only and have launched a number of AIoT products.

Icarus’ experience with Geforce graphics cards

Shortly before the launch of Icarus on December 3rd, Nvidia released a new game-ready driver for the potential ray tracing showcase!

Mini-ITX case in retro style to assemble yourself

The InWin Explorer is supplied in ten modular parts, mostly of plastic, some still have to be screwed together, and the side walls are made of hardened glass

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 introduced with new ARMv9 CPU cores

After months of waiting, Qualcomm has finally unveiled its flagship chipset that will be found in nearly all premium Android smartphones.

Geforce RTX 3050 appeared: GA106, 8 GB and faster than GTX 1660 Super?

Nvidia is said to be working on a Geforce RTX 3050, which will come onto the market with a trimmed GA106 GPU and 8 GB of RAM!

The Motorola Edge X30 arrives on December 9

Motorola has confirmed via a poster on the Weibo network that the Edge X30 will be announced at a launch in China on December 9

Vivo announces a tablet powered by Snapdragon 870

Vivo wanted to release its first tablet in January, but that didn’t happen.But the vice president said that the company will launch the tablet in 2022

Microsoft is trying to prevent users from using Chrome

Windows 11 users who try to download Google Chrome via Microsoft's Edge browser are shown pop-ups that seem to dissuade them from their plans.

Virtual yacht sold for $ 650,000:

Metaflower Super Mega Yacht is the name of an ultra-luxury yacht that exists in The Sandbox metaverse and was recently sold as NFT to one of the players for an incredible $ 650,000



Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset design

For now, it is known that Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets will launch several upcoming flagship models, including the Samsung Galaxy S22 family.

Quake III Arena – rocket jumping

On this day 22 years ago, the game Quake III Arena was launched, which differed from the previous two games in the series by its exclusive commitment to multiplayer.


The perfect example of the philosophy of the firm. One piece of gold (King Gold) with ceramic bezel. Hublot presents a new version of its Big Bang. 

Apple’s director of battery development is moving to Volkswagen

Ahn Soonho, head of development for Apple's batteries, announced his move to Volkswagen where he will continue to develop batteries for electric vehicles.

Apple planning a turnaround in iPhone production

Apple plans to partner with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) to produce its own 5G modems for future iPhones.

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New phones that got a beta version of Android 12

Xiaomi has been testing Android 12 on a number of its devices for some time. While the initial series consisted mostly of recent launches and flagship devices, more and more phones are being added to the...

RDNA2 graphics cards prices now up by 6 percent

the prices for graphics cards of the Radeon 6000 series from Gigabyte will increase by up to 78 US dollars. The Radeon RX 6900 XT is an exception.

Qualcomm introduced a new platform for PC

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 and 7c + Gen 3 platforms to improve PC productivity from entry- level to premium device levels.

Android Auto is going completely wireless in the near future

The technology giant told its component suppliers that demand for its largest, most important and leading product weakened just before the holiday season.

The Forest 2: Release-date for Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has a release date. The game presented in 2019 will be released on May 20, 2022, a little later than originally planned.

Battlefield 2042: what’s the mood after the new Update 3?

With the biggest update to date for Battlefield 2042 after the release, EA wanted to improve the approval ratings among the players. But did you succeed?

Tesla presented its most affordable vehicle

Cyberquad for Kids can currently only be purchased in the United States, but if it proves popular, it may come 'across the pond'

Vivo S12 Pro reveals a notch that we almost forgot

The vivo S family will soon have new members, a tipster on Weibo revealed. The vivo S12 and vivo S12 Pro are planned to arrive soon!

Free at Epic Games: multiplayer horror, two new games next week

Last week there were two games for free at Epic Games, this week too - and next week as well. What can bargain hunters look forward to? We summarize.




Bitcoin is not calming down! One Bitcoin is currently worth over $ 65,000

BITCOIN jumped over 100% in 2021, while it rose over 30% in October alone.

An increasing number of crypto miners in Kazakhstan are causing an energy crisis

Since China recently officially banned cryptocurrency mining in that country, most of the cryptocurrency miners have moved to Kazakhstan from there.

How to make money while Bitcoin decreases?

On the other hand, the crypto industry is characterized by a large oscillation. This feature of cryptocurrencies should not be taken as a disadvantage but exclusively as an advantage, because in the modern financial market you can profit from both falling and rising values of these currencies.

Is the party over? Shiba Inu collapses and kills half of earnings

The crypto industry is flaunting its volatility again. The Shiba Inu meme coin , which achieved increases of more than 300% in the week yesterday, today plummets 30% and eliminates half of the weekly gains, which are now up 170%.

Bitcoin will receive its first update in four years!

Bitcoin will receive an update for the first time in four years - the new version of Taproot should go into effect in November. Unlike the 2017 update, the majority of the community supports the innovation, in part due to the fact that improvements will be introduced gradually. The update will increase the efficiency and privacy of transactions, as well as unlock the potential of smart contracts - a key feature of the Bitcoin blockchain.