Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050W PSU Review: A Fusion of Power and Innovation

The Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050W PSU stands as a testament to Enermax's long-standing reputation in the power supply unit (PSU) sector. Known for combining robust engineering with aesthetic design, this PSU aims to meet the demanding needs of high-performance computing.

Nov 29, 2023 - 02:50
Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050W PSU Review: A Fusion of Power and Innovation

Enermax's Legacy in PSU Engineering

Decades of Quality and Performance

  • Established Brand: Enermax, with its inception in 1990, has consistently delivered top-quality PSUs, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Innovation and Design: The brand is recognized for its innovative solutions and eye-catching designs, securing a significant presence in the competitive PSU market.

High-Capacity PSU: Revolution D.F. X 1050W

Meeting High-Performance Demands

  • Targeting Power Users: Designed for high-capacity needs, this PSU is engineered for setups requiring extensive power, such as multiple high-power PCIe cards and overclocking scenarios.
  • Feature-Rich Offering: The Revolution D.F. X 1050W is packed with features like operational efficiency, durability, and smart technologies like DFR (Dust Free Rotation).

Packaging and Bundle

Robust and Informative Packaging

  • Secure and Attractive Packaging: The PSU arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, with the unit protected by packaging foam and adorned with black/red artwork.
  • Minimalist Bundle: The package includes essentials like an AC power cable, mounting screws, cable ties, a sticker, and a 24-pin connector jumper.

Cable Design and Extras

  • Sleek Modular Cables: The PSU's cables are black with a ribbon-like design, including 12VHPWR cables. An additional cable is provided for connecting internal ARGB to external controllers.

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External Appearance

Compact and Versatile Design

  • Standard ATX Dimensions: Despite its power capacity, the PSU adheres to standard ATX dimensions, ensuring compatibility with a variety of cases.
  • Aesthetic RGB Lighting: The frosted display on the PSU offers 14 lighting modes, adding a customizable visual element for RGB enthusiasts.

Connectivity and Control

  • Easy Control of RGB Effects: A rear-mounted momentary switch rotates pre-programmed RGB effects and allows users to turn off the lighting.
  • User-Friendly Modular Connectors: The front chassis houses connectors for modular cables, with a clear legend for easy setup.

Internal Design and Cooling

Advanced Cooling Solutions

  • High-Quality Fan: The PSU uses an Enermax PFERS-12Μ fan, featuring a dual ball bearing 6-pole engine for reliable cooling.
  • Semi-Passive and Dust-Free Design: The semi-passive design stops the fan under low load, while the DFR mode helps reduce dust accumulation.

Performance and Reliability

High Power and Efficiency

  • Ample Power Output: The 1050W capacity ensures that it can handle demanding setups, including extensive overclocking and multiple PCIe cards.
  • Operational Efficiency: The focus on efficiency and durability promises consistent performance over time.

Smart Features for Enhanced Experience

  • Innovative Dust Free Rotation: The DFR technology aims to prolong the unit’s lifespan by reducing dust build-up, although its effectiveness may vary based on usage.

Conclusion: A High-Power PSU for Enthusiasts

Ideal for Demanding Setups

  • A Strong Contender in High-Capacity PSUs: The Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050W PSU is well-suited for power users who require a high-capacity, efficient, and reliable power supply.
  • Balancing Innovation with Practicality: The PSU's combination of advanced cooling, smart features, and RGB lighting makes it a unique offering in the high-power PSU segment.