KEF LS50 Meta: A New Era of Audio Excellence

The KEF LS50 Meta is not just a standard speaker upgrade, but a significant leap forward in audio technology. Eight years after the launch of the original LS50, KEF has redefined excellence with the LS50 Meta.

Dec 15, 2023 - 05:47
KEF LS50 Meta: A New Era of Audio Excellence

Key Features and Specifications

  • Driver Design: The heart of the LS50 Meta is its innovative Uni-Q driver array. This design integrates a 25mm tweeter within a 13cm mid/bass unit, offering a seamless sound experience.
  • Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT): A groundbreaking addition is MAT, a complex network of maze-like structures behind the tweeter, designed to absorb unwanted sound from the back of the tweeter dome, resulting in purer, distortion-free highs.
  • Ported Design: The LS50 Meta features a rear ported design, enhancing its bass response and overall richness of sound.
  • Build and Design: Available in four finishes – carbon black, titanium grey, mineral white, and royal blue – the LS50 Meta not only sounds exceptional but also boasts a visually stunning design.
  • Specifications: With an 8-ohm impedance, 85dB sensitivity, and weighing 7.8kg, these standmounters are compact yet powerful. The dimensions are 30.2 x 20 x 28 cm, making them a versatile fit for most setups.

Reasons to Choose the KEF LS50 Meta

  • Exceptional Sonic Transparency: The LS50 Meta offers an unparalleled transparent sound, ensuring that every note is heard in its purest form.
  • Subtle and Precise Presentation: The meticulous design results in a sound that is both subtle and precise, capturing the nuances of music like never before.
  • Advanced Technology: With the introduction of MAT, KEF sets a new standard in speaker technology, ensuring cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction.

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Placement Considerations

While the LS50 Meta is versatile, placement is key to optimizing its performance. Avoid placing them in a bookshelf or directly against a wall to prevent any compromise in sound quality.

Conclusion: A New Benchmark in Speaker Performance

The KEF LS50 Meta is not just an upgrade but a revolution in speaker technology. It builds upon the success of its predecessor and elevates the listening experience to a whole new level. The addition of MAT, combined with the refined Uni-Q driver, results in a speaker that offers unmatched clarity and precision. For audiophiles seeking the best in sound quality, the LS50 Meta is an outstanding choice, worthy of its accolades