ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core: a curious combo for Xbox and PC

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has long been a household name in the gaming community, known for pushing the boundaries of gaming hardware and accessories. The release of the ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing gamers with innovative and high-performance gear. These gaming peripherals, designed for both Xbox and PC gaming, are a curious yet exciting combination. In this article, we'll explore what makes the ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core a unique duo, their standout features, and how they cater to the gaming needs of enthusiasts.

Nov 3, 2023 - 21:09
ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core: a curious combo for Xbox and PC

A Powerful Pairing

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard, while the Delta S Core is a gaming mouse. These peripherals are designed to complement each other, creating a seamless gaming experience whether you're playing on an Xbox console or a PC. Let's dive into what each of these gaming accessories brings to the table.

ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro: The Gaming Keyboard

1. Optical Mechanical Switches:

The standout feature of the ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro is its optical mechanical switches. These switches offer a key advantage over traditional mechanical switches: speed. Optical switches actuate faster and with greater precision, reducing response times. Gamers will appreciate the lightning-fast keypresses that optical switches provide.

2. Customizable RGB Lighting:

ASUS knows that aesthetics matter in gaming, and the Raikiri Pro doesn't disappoint. It features customizable RGB lighting with ASUS Aura Sync support. You can personalize your keyboard's appearance with a wide range of colors and lighting effects to match your gaming setup.

3. Durable and Robust Build:

The Raikiri Pro is built to withstand intense gaming sessions. Its aluminum top plate gives it durability, while the detachable magnetic wrist rest adds comfort during extended gaming marathons.

4. Dedicated Media Controls:

Conveniently placed media controls allow you to adjust volume, play, pause, or skip tracks without leaving your game. This level of control can make a significant difference when immersed in gameplay.

5. Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover:

The keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, ensuring that all your keystrokes are registered, even during the most demanding gaming scenarios.

Delta S Core: The Gaming Mouse

1. Precision Sensor:

The ASUS ROG Delta S Core mouse features a high-precision sensor with adjustable DPI settings. This level of precision allows you to fine-tune your mouse's sensitivity to your liking, enhancing your aiming and tracking in games.

2. Lightweight and Ambidextrous Design:

The Delta S Core is designed for gamers who prefer a lightweight mouse. It's ambidextrous, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed players. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during long gaming sessions.

3. High-Speed Connectivity:

With a USB-C connection, this mouse offers high-speed data transmission for ultra-responsive and lag-free gaming experiences.

4. ROG Paracord Cable:

The mouse cable is made from ROG Paracord, a lightweight, flexible, and durable material that minimizes cable drag, allowing for smoother and more precise movements.

5. ROG Micro Switches:

The Delta S Core is equipped with ROG Micro Switches, providing a rapid response with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks. These switches are built to endure rigorous gaming.

The Versatility of the Duo

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core are designed to cater to a broad audience of gamers, and their compatibility with both Xbox and PC makes them a versatile combo. Let's explore how this versatility benefits gamers:

Xbox Gaming:

  • Xbox gamers will appreciate the compatibility of this combo. The ability to connect and use these peripherals seamlessly with Xbox consoles enhances the gaming experience. You can enjoy the precision of the Delta S Core mouse and the rapid keypresses of the Raikiri Pro keyboard while playing your favorite Xbox games.

  • The ergonomic design of the Delta S Core is perfect for console gaming, offering comfort during extended sessions.

  • The customizable RGB lighting of the Raikiri Pro adds a touch of personalization to your gaming setup.

PC Gaming:

  • PC gamers have the advantage of utilizing the optical mechanical switches on the Raikiri Pro for faster response times. This is particularly beneficial in fast-paced, competitive games.

  • The customizable DPI settings on the Delta S Core mouse enable precise control, crucial for PC gaming across various genres.

  • The lightweight and ambidextrous design of the Delta S Core caters to a wide range of gamers, regardless of their dominant hand.

  • ASUS Aura Sync support ensures that the RGB lighting on both peripherals can be synchronized with your PC's lighting setup.

A Seamless Gaming Experience

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core create a seamless gaming experience, whether you're playing on an Xbox or a PC. The optical mechanical switches, precision sensor, ergonomic design, and customizable features cater to the diverse needs of gamers.

The ability to switch between platforms and continue using the same peripherals simplifies the gaming setup. Gamers no longer need to invest in separate accessories for different platforms. This not only saves money but also ensures that you can enjoy a consistent and familiar gaming experience no matter where you choose to play.

The Impact on Gaming

ASUS has always been at the forefront of gaming innovation, and the release of the ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core further solidifies their commitment to delivering top-tier gaming gear. This duo has the potential to impact the gaming industry in the following ways:

1. Enhanced Gaming Performance:

The optical mechanical switches and high-precision sensor provide gamers with the tools they need to improve their performance and precision in games. Fast response times and accurate tracking can make a significant difference in competitive gaming.

2. Versatility and Compatibility:

The versatility and compatibility of these peripherals are likely to set a new standard in the gaming industry. Gamers will increasingly seek accessories that can seamlessly transition between platforms, simplifying their gaming setup.

3. Personalization and Aesthetics:

Customizable RGB lighting and a sleek design have become crucial elements in gaming peripherals. The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core cater to gamers who value personalization and aesthetics in their gear.

4. Longevity and Durability:

ASUS has a reputation for producing durable and long-lasting gaming gear. The ROG Micro Switches and ROG Paracord cable in the Delta S Core mouse, along with the robust build of the Raikiri Pro keyboard, ensure the longevity of these peripherals.

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Final Thoughts

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core are a curious but powerful combo for gamers. Whether you're gaming on an Xbox or a PC, the versatility and compatibility of these peripherals make them a worthy addition to your gaming setup. ASUS has continued to push the envelope in gaming innovation, and this duo is no exception. Gamers who value performance, versatility, and aesthetics will find the ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro and Delta S Core to be an exciting addition to their gaming arsenal.