Alienware AW2524HF 500 Hz Gaming Monitor Review: Unmatched Speed for Serious Gamers

The Alienware AW2524HF gaming monitor, positioned in the premium 500 Hz category, delivers exceptional speed and response for gamers seeking the upper echelon of display performance.

Nov 29, 2023 - 05:03
Alienware AW2524HF 500 Hz Gaming Monitor Review: Unmatched Speed for Serious Gamers

A High-Speed Gaming Champion

  • Impressive Performance: The AW2524HF offers incredible motion resolution and low input lag, making it ideal for competitive gaming.

Pros and Cons

Strengths of the AW2524HF

  • Unparalleled Speed and Responsiveness: Sets a new benchmark in gaming monitor speed.
  • Vivid Color and Contrast: Delivers excellent color saturation and contrast, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Robust Build Quality: Solid construction ensures durability and reliability.


  • Pricey Investment: High cost may deter budget-conscious gamers.
  • High-End Hardware Requirement: Demands premium hardware for full potential utilization.

Design and Aesthetics

Refined and Functional

  • Sleek and Modern: Boasts a contemporary design, blending well with gaming setups.
  • Ultra-Thin Bezels: Minimalist bezels provide an immersive gaming experience.

Specifications and Display Features

Cutting-Edge Technical Specs

  • High Refresh Rate: Offers a native 480 Hz refresh rate, overclockable to 500 Hz.
  • HDR10 Support: Enhances visuals with HDR10 compatibility, providing vibrant imagery.

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Setting Up the AW2524HF

Effortless and User-Friendly Assembly

  • Easy Assembly: No tools required, showcasing Alienware's attention to user convenience.
  • Ergonomic Adjustments: Offers height, tilt, swivel, and portrait mode adjustments for optimal viewing comfort.

On-Screen Display (OSD) Features

Comprehensive Control Options

  • User-Programmable Joystick: Allows quick access to various monitor functions.
  • Rich OSD Menu: Extensive settings including game modes, color adjustments, and HDR options.

Alienware AW2524HF Calibration Settings

Optimal Visual Experience

  • Factory Calibration: Delivers accurate color out of the box, suitable for immediate use.
  • Custom Calibration Options: Users can fine-tune settings for a personalized visual experience.

Performance and Gaming Experience

Exceptional Gaming Prowess

  • Smooth Motion and Low Input Lag: Ideal for fast-paced games, providing a competitive edge.
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology: Supports both FreeSync and G-Sync, ensuring smooth gameplay.

Connectivity and Upgradeability

Versatile and Future-Proof

  • Robust Port Selection: Includes multiple DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, catering to various connectivity needs.
  • Lack of Audio Features: No internal speakers or headphone jack, focusing purely on visual performance.

Conclusion: A Premier Choice for Elite Gamers

Tailored for High-Performance Gaming

  • Targeting the Competitive Gamer: The AW2524HF is designed for gamers who prioritize speed and fluidity in their gaming monitors.
  • Balancing Cost and Cutting-Edge Technology: While the price is steep, the monitor's exceptional performance justifies the investment for those seeking the best in gaming displays.