12 GB memory Geforce RTX 2060 models

After an RTX 2060 with 12 GB of memory appeared for the first time last week, there are now more and more details about the new model.

12 GB memory Geforce RTX 2060 models

Photo Credits: PC Games Hardware

Nvidia currently not only produces the new RTX 3000 graphics cards from the Ampere generation but also older models from the Turing generation. These are sold as RTX 2000 or GTX 1600 and are apparently soon to be supplemented by a new model. Last week, an RTX 2060 from Gigabyte appeared for the first time, which has 12 instead of 6 GB of memory. According to Videocardz, changes to the GPU are also planned.

Mix of RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 Super

With reference to three unspecified sources, the website claims that the RTX 2060 with 12 GB should not only double the memory but also increase the number of shaders. Accordingly, the RTX 2060 should release 12 GB with 2,176 shaders and thus offer just as many computing units as the RTX 2060 Super. In order to be able to control the 12 GB, the 192-bit memory interface of the regular RTX 2060 remains. The supermodel, on the other hand, comes with 256 bits.

graphic cardGPUShaderBoost RateTDPInterfaceStorage
RTX 2060TU1061.9201.680 MHz160 W192 Bit6 GB GDDR6
RTX 2060 SuperTU1062.1761.650 MHz175 W256 Bit8 GB GDDR6
RTX 2060 12 GBTU1062.1761.650 MHz184 W192 Bit12 GB GDDR6
Credits: PCGH

The clock rates of the RTX 2060 12 GB should also correspond to those of the RTX 2060 Super, according to Videocardz. In the boost, the built-in GPU should run with a maximum of 1,650 MHz, overclocked models are supposedly planned with up to 1,690 MHz. Compared to the supermodel, there is also a slightly larger TDP range of 184 instead of 175 watts. Unfortunately, it is not yet entirely clear why the higher TDP is needed. Nvidia may install 12 GB of faster and therefore more hungry GDDR6 memory on the RTX 2060 than on the other models in order to compensate for the memory interface, which is a bit narrow compared to the performance.

Whether the key data presented here actually apply in the end will probably only be clarified when the graphics card is officially launched. This is supposedly planned for December 7th, Tuesday in less than two weeks. Just in time for Christmas, there should be a new alternative to the RTX 3060, which has the same amount of memory but at the same time has a little less performance and older architecture.