Beats Fit Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro

Beats Fit Pro vs. Powerbeats Pro

Photo Credits: BeatsByDre/Promo

Which Beats Headphones Should You Buy?

Beats currently have some of the best wireless headphones available in 2021, and among their lineup, the Beats Fit Pro and Powerbeats Pro stand out as two of the best options. The wireless headphones and headphones market is extremely competitive right now. There are more models than ever, the options available are getting better and the prices are constantly competitive. 

Having so many options is great, but at the same time, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed by everything out there.

One audio brand in particular that has caught our attention lately is Beats. 

Founded in 2006 and purchased by Apple in 2014, Beats has been a big player in the audio world for a few years now. In recent years, however, the company has released some of its best headphones. The Powerbeats Pro launched in 2019 as the best Beats workout headphones. They have an iconic design, powerful features, and a hefty price tag to match. In November 2021, Beats Fit Pro launched as a more affordable and compact alternative. 

Can't decide which one is right for you?

More than anything, the design is the biggest differentiator between the Beats Fit Pro and the Powerbeats Pro. The former features a more traditional headphone design with small integrated wingtips. For the most part, they are successful. 

They don't offer quite the same level of security as the Powerbeats Pro, but the Fit Pro's are comfortable to wear, easy to wear and offer a good balance between providing a secure fit and causing minimal irritation. 

Then there's the Powerbeats Pro.

The Powerbeats Pro is considerably larger than the Fit Pro, but they also have a much larger hook that wraps around the entire outside of someone's ear. 

It's a form factor that some athletes swear by is the best for intense workouts. The earbuds measure 5.6cm tall and weigh 20.3g, compared to 1.9cm and 5.6g on the Beats Fit Pro. This size difference is also seen with the charging case. The Powerbeats Pro case is 7.7 cm high.

Despite being smaller than the Powerbeats Pro, the Beats Fit Pro comes with some features not found on the larger Beats headphones. While both headphones support spatial audio on Apple Music, only the Beats Fit Pro can use spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. 

When it comes to other smart features, the Fit Pro and Powerbeats Pro are more uniform. As both headphones use Apple's H1 chip, they have the same functionality when paired with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This includes one-touch pairing, automatic device switching, audio sharing, Siri voice commands with viva -voice, and Find My tracking.

Regarding battery life, this is an area where the Powerbeats Pro gets a slight edge over the Fit Pro. Beats rates the Powerbeats Pro for up to 9 hours of continuous listening and over 24 hours of total battery life with the case. The Fit Pros promise similar 24-hour total endurance but only last for up to 6 hours of continuous listening. 

The Powerbeats Pro also has the advantage of charging – it delivers 1.5 hours of listening time after 5 minutes of charging, compared to 1 hour with the Fit Pro. When it comes time to refill the case, the Powerbeats Pro uses a Lightning while the Fit Pro has USB-C.

All in all, our first recommendation has to be the Beats Fit Pro. Compared to the Powerbeats Pro, the Fit Pro is smaller, has a pocket-sized case, and includes some key features not found in the Powerbeats Pro.

There's also the price issue. 

The Beats Fit Pro retails for $199, while the Powerbeats Pro has an MSRP of $249. The Powerbeats Pro's advanced age means they often sell for $199 or less, but even when that's the case, Beats Fit Pro is still the best buy. Unless someone needs the hook design or longer battery life, the Fit Pro is the best all-around headphone.