Buy Geforce RTX 3080: Nvidia on 2022 prospects

Photo Credits : Nvidia / promo

How will the situation with availability and prices for Geforce RTX 30 graphics cards change? Nvidia CFO Colette Kress spoke at a technology conference about availability, prices, and crypto mining.

Not only Intel and AMD recently spoke publicly about the prospects for 2022, but Nvidia also spoke about the future. Will the graphics card year 2022 be as joyless as the current year 2021 or is there hope?

Nvidia would like to lower graphics card prices

Looking back at 2021, one has to state that the price structure for graphics cards has gotten completely out of hand. When 1,600 euros for an RTX 3080 and thus a surcharge of 130 (!) Percent on the recommended retail price of websites is celebrated as a “bargain”, it takes a lot of imagination to be able to follow the logic. It is hardly better when a three-year-old card like the RTX 2060 with only 6 GiB VRAM is offered today at twice the price of the RRP at the time. But what are the prospects for the upcoming year 2022? From a graphics card perspective, will it be another year of tears? In the transcript of the UBS Global TMT Conference on Seeking Alpha, you can read what answers Colette Kress, Nvidia CFO, has already answered about some uncomfortable questions about graphics cards.

Basically, Kress doesn’t want to lean too far out of the window for 2022. The demand side, in particular, can therefore hardly be predicted, even if Nvidia assumes that the demand is “strong”. The supply side is more specific because at the moment the stocks of the sales channels are “very low”. However, Nvidia will continue to take measures to create a larger offer – even in Q4 2021. Only in the second half of 2022 will they be in a better situation with the offer. In the meantime, they are working very long-term to create a better offer. Long-term also means that you conclude contracts that “cover the capacity requirements over many years“. 

But supply and demand are only one aspect of the market. How can Nvidia even get involved in terms of prices, which is more important for many gamers? The answers from Kress are partly sobering. Nvidia could “not influence the general pricing in this market“. You can only control the price at which the cards or GPUs are sold to board partners and OEMs – the market does the rest. Nvidia would “like to lower this price again”. This can only be achieved if “we have a reasonable supply on the market as opposed to the small quantities we have today“.

And how does Nvidia see the danger of crypto mining on normal gamer graphics cards? Kress refers here to the LHR cards from Nvidia, which are supplemented by CMP products. These LHR GPUs only work with the official game-ready drivers. Nvidia is aware of reports about software that “partially improves the crypto performance of the LHR cards”, but it would not be able to “fully restore the performance”. The development on the market will continue to be “carefully monitored”.