Creative SXFI Carrier - Soundbar with subwoofer

Creative SXFI Carrier - Soundbar with subwoofer

Photo Credits: Creative/Promo

One of the solutions for fans of surround sound is the soundbar with the support of Dolby Atmos technology. The soundbar assembly with the Creative SXFI Carrier subwoofer attracts you with its weight, the soundbar weighs 3.6 kg and the subwoofer 12.8 kg. Fans of quality sound know that this is an unmistakable sign of quality, the massive construction of the subwoofer to reproduce the deepest bass eliminates wall vibrations and thus parasitic sounds.

The spatial reproduction of the soundbar is ensured by seven acoustic transducers. Three go forward directly to the listener, two at the edges emit sound obliquely to the sides and two transducers under the grille of the top panel emit sound obliquely upwards so that the sound reaches the listener by reflections from the ceiling and sidewalls. You can connect the subwoofer with a 10-inch acoustic transducer and a tuned bass-reflex hole to the soundbar wirelessly or with a cable with 3.5 mm jack connectors.

The design of the soundbar is elegant and relatively conservative, so it can be incorporated into any interior. To the right of the center speaker of the soundbar is a small seven-segment display that does not interfere and displays only the necessary information. Although unlike the soundbar, which should be under the TV and therefore well visible, the subwoofer can be placed almost anywhere, the designers still cared about it, so if you place it so that it is visible, it will become elegant. complement the interior design of a modern apartment.  

The frequency range of the set is 25 Hz - 20,000 Hz. The subwoofer with a 10-inch acoustic transducer and tuned bass reflex hole is connected to the soundbar via wireless or cable with 3.5 mm jack connectors. The manufacturer does not specify the tolerance in the technical specifications. The manufacturer states 200 W for the soundbar and 250 W for the subwoofer. Both values ​​are of the RMS type, ie peak performance. 

You can get an approximate idea of ​​the actual continuous power from the data on the label of the external power supply of the soundbar 24 V / 4 A. In practice, this means that the source is capable of delivering continuous power of 96 W. You can use the buttons on the soundbar, remote control, or Creative mobile application to control the set. The main advantage of the application is the simple and clear set of the equalizer curve.

The soundbar has three HDMI 2.2 inputs, one of which supports eArc, so you can also control the basic functions of the soundbar with the TV remote control. There is also a USB-C port for streaming digital audio from a computer, a TOSLink input for optical audio source connection, and, of course, a 3.5 mm analog input.

The sound is balanced, with an emphasis on bass reproduction, which is especially evident in action movies, where there is no shortage of various booming sounds. The same goes for the reproduction of rock music. The Music mode has proved its worth when listening to dynamic music, and the Neutral model has proved its worth for classical music concerts and vocals. 

The movie mode emphasizes dialogues and sound effects, while the sound is very plastic. Night mode is the equivalent of physiological volume control and adjusts the bass and treble ratio for listening to lower volumes. It should be emphasized that, unlike 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems, in this case, the surround sound is artificially reflected from the ceiling and walls. In most cases, however, such a sound is very convincing.

Creative SXFI THEATER headphones with SXFI technology support

SXFI stands for Super X-Fi technology. The headphones use radio communication that is virtually latency-free. It works by taking a picture of the face from the front and both ears using the mobile application. In this way, data on the spatial layout of the ducts are obtained. This information will then be processed and your personal profile will be created. 

This is then transferred to the headphones. The sound profile is then used to reproduce the sound so that the signal-adjusted sound in the shell system, the outer ear, creates the best possible acoustic and spatial impression, so you listen to the personalized sound generated based on the uniqueness of the listener's acoustic system. When you connect such headphones to the soundbar, you will be able to listen to personalized surround sound without disturbing the surroundings. 

The soundbar and subwoofer do not play when listening through headphones. You may be wondering how important it is to connect headphones to a soundbar. In this case, the soundbar is used to decode surround sound, which it then sends to the headphones via radio communication. If you connect the headphones directly to the TV, the headphone output, if the TV has one, or the soundbar without surround decoding support, you would only have stereo sound on the headphone output. 

You have to buy Creative SXFI THEATER headphones separately, but sometimes they are packaged with a subwoofer soundbar as part of marketing promotions. If your TV has it at all, or to a soundbar without surround decoding support, you should only have stereo sound on the headphone output.