Far Cry 6: What’s in Title Update 3?

Photo Credits : Ubisoft / promo

Title update 3 for the first-person shooter Far Cry 6 has been available since yesterday afternoon. In this article, we highlight the changes and improvements players can expect. These include numerous bug fixes and changes that should improve the general gaming experience.

Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft has been available for a while now (since October 7th, 2021 to be precise) and is regularly supplied with updates. The so-called Title Update 3 has been available for all platforms since yesterday afternoon and brings numerous changes with it. The patch is 8 gigabytes on the PC and 12.4 gigabytes with the HD texture pack. On the consoles, the size varies between 10 gigabytes (Xbox One and Series S) up to 22.75 gigabytes (Playstation 5).

The title update 3 brings these changes

Title Update 3 fixes a number of bugs that caused, for example, that NPC models were no longer displayed correctly as soon as a co-op partner entered the game. In addition, the achievements that were not properly unlocked in the DLC Vaas: Insanity are now available after fulfilling the respective criteria. PC gamers can also be pleased that erroneously washed-out textures are now displayed correctly despite the HD texture pack.

In addition, Ubisoft is donating some quality-of-life improvements that are supposed to make the gaming experience more pleasant. This includes, for example, that the HUD now correctly displays all objects when crossing regions. From December 16, 2021, players can also look forward to two new packages in exchange for Far Cry Credits. On the one hand, there is the Material Pack and the Yaran Pesos Pack, each of which is available in three different versions. What exactly these packages contain is not yet clear. All changes in Title Update 3 can be read on the Ubisoft blog.